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Welcome to Soul of the Seasons, a Ronin Warriors / Yoroiden Samurai Troopers website. This site is dedicated to the four Dark Warlords aka Mashou and Kayura.

Line art of the 4 Warlords/Mashou in armor holding their helmets.

Please note I am a fan of both the original Japanese version (Yoroiden Samurai Troopers) and the American dub (Ronin Warriors) of this anime series. Therefore I use both versions of character names on this site. These are displayed in the order of: American dub name / Japanese version name.


Ronin Warriors Discord Channel



So… I am not good at Discord, but I thought I’d make an attempt at a Discord channel. It’s not quite as orderly, but it’s a possible place where those participating in the BOS art challenge can post their stuff.

Or, just fans can chat with each other. I have no idea if people will use it. But it’s there now if you want to try it out.

Here is an open invitation to anyone who wants to check it out:


If any YST/RW fans out there are on Discord (or have been curious about signing up), check this out! We’ve got a nice group of members already and are sloooowly adding content as we go. Feel free to join the server if you wish! ^w^

Canadian Samurai!? Ronin Warriors | Saturday Morning Sushi | Four Star Bento



This video was sent to me by Idsaiinu here on Tumblr. Some interesting research about the company who did the dubbing for this show. Also explaining why the second episode voices were changed. I did not know why that happened until now.

Thanks for sharing Idsaiinu!

Wow, this video actually had info on the dub that I had NO idea about. Aside from the temporary voice cast change in episode 2, I didn’t realize extra sound effects were added to the show. Iiiiinteresting~ o3o

Viewster Adds ‘Samurai Troopers’ Anime Series On Amazon Streaming Channel



Viewster Adds ‘Samurai Troopers’ Anime Series On Amazon Streaming Channel

Viewster has added another property to their Amazon channel streaming with the addition of the Samurai Troopers anime series. The show has arrived through their relationship with Discotek Media as they’ve added the thirty-nine episode run. Due to its licensing origins, however, it’s only avail…

Check out the full article by Chris Beveridge on The Fandom Post!

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