Armor orbs (Unofficial Merchandise)


Armor orbs came in the mail today! Obviously not licensed merch (as suspected), shipping in plain cardboard with newsprint wrapping. They didn’t match the kanji written on the boxes, which made us laugh. Came with some little glass stands, but they will need some museum putty to keep from sliding around in them. (Not putting in the case with the figures until I do that, because they weigh a ton and one rolling loose would break my case.) Colors are clear and bright in person (these are unedited pics and kinda dark), etching is nice and neat. (Not sure about the mark missing in Seiji’s kanji, but I’m putting that to a calligraphy style, and I’m sure whoever made these knows 900% more about kanji than I ever will.) Bigger than I imagine actual armor orbs to be! Nice pieces, good quality, look super swank all in a row.

Bottom line: I would have sold my grandmother for these in ‘98. Seventy bucks seems kind of a bargain, by that estimation.

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Thank you for posting a review of these alorian!