Another recreated piece of music from the TV series

Christopher Watts has shared with me another piece of fanart, and music he’s recreated from the TV series. This piece of music starts with Rajura talking, doing his surekill attack, and then the music starts. You will recognize this piece from when Dais/Rajura is attacking the Ronins/Troopers. Christopher has given the title the tentative track name of “Oooh What A Tangled Web Gen Masho Rajura Weaves.” Give it a listen here. I think he did a great job.

Here is the fanart he made to go with this latest track:

Dais/Rajura in his armor without his helmet on. He is hanging upside down with a spider web behind him. His helmet is floating by itself on the left side of the image.
Dais/Rajura fanart made by Christopher Watts.

And remember he has a channel on YouTube called Wizzattz Productions as well. Christopher may be uploading his tracks and fanart there as well.

Once again thank you Christopher for submitting your work! If anyone wishes to email him, he is available at wizzattz at gmail dot com.