Major Update in progress – broken gallery images (Edit: Done)

Soooo.. for a while now I’ve been having problems with a WordPress plugin that I used for image galleries. Well it finally got to the point that I had to disable it. I’m currently looking for alternative plugins that will work, and thus having to recreate the image galleries on my site one at a time. Needless to say this will be a long process.

So if you see code in places images should be, yeah that’s the disabled old plugin at work. Hopefully I can find a good replacement. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Long story: The old plugin stopped updating a while ago. I’ve been meaning to look into this but haven’t had the dedicated time it would take. It kinda looks like maybe the creator changed, or the company handling it changed. Either way my lifetime license was no longer working for me and I wasn’t getting updates. I tried a while back to contact the creator and reach out, explaining my situation, but never heard back. So I’m a bit leery of buying a license AGAIN if the plugin keeps causing me issues and seeming lack of contact or even trying to work with me. So at this point an alternative would be a better choice, even if I have to manually fix everything.

Everything fixed so far:

All “Series Pictures” pages are fixed.

All wallpapers are back up. For mine I only put back up the larger wallpaper size as that just made things easier for me.

Merchandise – Other book publications and Toys, etc are updated.

I noted the new plugin does crop the thumbnails. I’m not sure if there’s a way to change this in settings. For now I’m just trying to get images back up.

I’m taking a break before tackling all the doujinshi pages. Those will take a while.

November 2nd:

Woke up, fed cats, had breakfast, listened to some YST soundtrack songs to get in the mood and began again today.

Doujinshi A – C is done.

The new plugin definitely crops in a landscape mode, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change that. I hope it looks good enough to everyone. I’ve tried to find other plugins but all their screenshots show landscape images. So there’s no telling any of those will work any better.

Doujinshi D – F and Doujinshi G – I are done.

Doujinshi J – M are done.

And I’m stopping for the night. Hopefully everything will be back up tomorrow.

November 3rd:

Doujinshi N – S and Doujinshi T – Z are done.

With that all the image galleries on the site should be replaced. If you find any stragglers, feel free to contact me.

Again thank you for your patience.

Website update 5/26/19

Hooo boy. So much to say. I’ll try to keep it short.. ish.

  • I’ve been dealing with various medical issues since late last year. This is why I haven’t had the time nor energy to work on this site much. Hopefully, I’m all past that. (Knocks on wood. A lot.)
    Though if someone has a good luck charm and/or a good health charm they can send my way, I will NOT say no. (Seriously, I’m completely over being sick, or injured, or going through a battery of tests, and oh yes medical bills. >_< )
  • While upgrading WordPress for this site and another site of mine.. I kinda.. accidentally.. unstalled WordPress.. for both sites. Obviously I got the backups restored, but I’m finding some serious issues on the back end. Like 379 posts that no longer have categories. Yeaaah. Iiiit’s going to take me a while to go through and fix all that. However, I made sure everything has tags. So those still work.
  • Lots of new doujinshis added. (Look under the merchandise menu.)
  • The links page has been updated to include streaming video sites for the TV series and OVAs.
  • The Contact me and Submit a link forms now should be working properly. I think one of my plugins was being overly aggressive with any submissions that were sent. Basically, it was punting them to an approval list to protect from spammers. I tweaked some options and it should be less aggressive about that now. I’ve tested it a bit and so far so good. Of course if it starts causing problems again, I’ll be back to the drawing board trying to find out what’s wrong this time.
  • The official YST website‘s information on the Warlords / Mashou and Kayura confirmed information I had, including birthdates. So I added a note after their birthdate information saying as such. Yay for confirmation!
  • Also, a reminder that the Boys of Summer Art Challenge is going on next month. If you’re interested, please check out the blog post on it. If you can post daily, fantastic! If you only can do 1 piece, that’s still great. Just remember to have fun with it.
  • Finally a note to say a few things:
    1. Please take the time to practice self-care. Listen to some music. Walk or look at nature. Meditate. Journaling. Reading. Gaming. Work on your hobby. Make yourself a priority. Schedule it in or set a timer if you must, and put your devices on do not disturb.
    2. Wear shoes around your home. Yeaah I kinda hit my foot against a doorway over a month ago, and it seems like I fractured my pinky toe. It hurts, I can’t exercise, and I have to wear a huge boot on that foot until it heals. Don’t make my mistake. Put on something to protect your toes!

Welcome to Soul of the Seasons

Welcome to Soul of the Seasons, a Ronin Warriors / Yoroiden Samurai Troopers website. This site is dedicated to the four Dark Warlords aka Mashou, and Kayura.

Line art of the 4 Warlords/Mashou in armor holding their helmets.

Please note I am a fan of both the original Japanese version (Yoroiden Samurai Troopers) and the American dub (Ronin Warriors) of this anime series. Therefore I use both versions of character names on this site. These are displayed in the order of: English dub name / Japanese version name.

Note: The English dub of the series changed the names of most of the characters. The most important and confusing are these two name changes:

1. Shuten’s name was changed to Anubis in the English dub.
2. Anubisu’s name was changed to Cale in the English dub.


Website Update 6/18/17

Rainy pond photo from
Since it’s been raining a lot lately, I’ve posted a picture of a rainy pond from

Three new doujinshis were added: Changeling, Love comedy, and Man of the year of the dog.

I updated the links page, removing some expired website links and adding some new ones. Remember, if you have or know of a Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers site that isn’t listed there, please submit it.

For those who have an interest, I blogged about my experience at MomoCon on my personal website.


Website Update 3/19/17

So last weekend I updated my Samurai Troopers Doujinshi Pinterest board. In the process of updating it I noticed some issues with some of my doujinshi here. Some accidentally had a smaller image version uploaded. One had the wrong cover uploaded. And some had no description when you  clicked on the thumbnail. So I spent the past week slowly updating and correcting all of that. Any doujinshi titles that had an image cover re-uploaded to a larger one now have a UPDATED button next to them. And phew was that ever a lot of work! At least it’s all fixed now. Sorry about all the mess and I hope you enjoy the larger images.

Website Update 2/26/17

Last Sunday, the 19th, I added the first fanart post with artwork from DeviantArt. I also started working on the second post.

My Pinterest board “Mashou & Kayura Fandom” was updated over the weekend. (It’s the Pinterest board you see on the footer of the site.) I also added a Pinterest board for Cosplay for the Warlords/Mashou and Kayura. On my to-do for next month is to update the doujinshi board as well as continue to find fanart for the Fandom board.

I also did some work on my Tumblr. Other than the usual posts I put on there, I tweaked the back end and updated the overall look of it.

Finally I updated my Deviant ID on DeviantArt profile. I know I’m pretty much a lurker and collector there now, but I felt like sprucing up a bit.

Website Update 1/1/17

Happy New Year!

Since the last update I put up a new Pixiv fanart page. You may notice that it looks different from previous Pixiv fanart posts. For a time Pixiv changed their website’s appearance and got rid of the code you use to put fanart on another website. So I had to save the images elsewhere, and post the full-size images on that latest post. (Their code used a thumbnail size image.) Pixiv changed back to the old look, but I can only assume they are in the process of trying to move away from it. So even though the code is back, I can’t count on it always being there. This puts a bit of a kink in my work on these posts as you can imagine. 😛

A few more doujinshi images were added. Some for the A-C page, and one for D-F.

Aaaand that’s about it for now. I apologize for any lack of updates. I’m dealing with some personal issues that are needing my full attention at the moment. Hopefully some of those issues will start to resolve themselves in a month or two.

Soul of the Seasons is 20 years old!


Champagne glasses and fireworks

Soul of Seasons is now 20 years old! It’s officially old enough to drink in Japan!

I think this calls for some appropriate music.

I have to admit, the highlight over the past year has been Richard Newman (voice actor for Cale) joining Twitter and Facebook. His lines still have a way to send delightful chills down my back. Also it’s always good to see the voice actors from the series continuing to work on in other projects. And, you know, Cale is my favorite Warlord. So seeing Mr. Newman post updates gives me a certain glee.

Website Updates:

Previous fanart posts have been condensed and now use numbers for titles. Each post will have around 20 fanart pictures – sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. If you go to the fanart posts via the navigation bar, you will see the first three pieces of artwork on each post followed by a “Read more” link. Be sure to click on that to see the full post.

Also another fanart post has been added. I hope you enjoy it!

And of course thank you everyone who has stuck by me and this site all these years.

Happy Birthday