Anubis/Shuten Info

Shuten/Anubis in armor with his virtue glowing on his head.

Oni Mashou written in kanji.Name:

  • Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (YST): Shuten Douji (朱天童子) Sometimes spelled Shiten or Sh’ten.
    Translation: “Red sky child” or “Red top child”
  • Ronin Warriors (RW): Anubis
  • French Dub (Les Samouraïs de l’Eternel): Zebuth
  • Italian Dub (I cinque samurai): Demon
  • Spanish Dub (Los Cinco Samurais): Demon

Birth Name (Last name listed first): Koma, Toshitada


  • YST: Oni Mashou (鬼魔将) – Translation: Oni Demon General
  • RW: Dark Warlord of Cruelty

Hair Color / Eye Color: Red / Blue-green

Birth Date: May 5th 1551 (Year of the metal pig)
Confirmed by official YST website.

Birthplace: Kyoto (Former capital of Japan.)
Back when he was born the area was known as Yamashiro province. – Source: YST Encyclopedia aka Daijiten.


During the Warring States Era Toshitada was a wild warrior from a small domain. Like all samurai, his aim was to unify Japan. The Toshitada clan fought day and night, however his ambitions still seemed so distant. They were barely able to protect their land with the numbers that they had. It seemed impossible to conquer another clan’s land and gain power. Toshitada grew irritated and impatient, and it was that spirit that drew Talpa/Arago’s attention to Toshitada. Talpa/Arago promised him great power, power that would not only allow him to become ruler of all Japan, but king of all humanity. And so Toshitada abandoned his clan, his land, left his past behind him, and became a Dark Warlord/Mashou.

Then after both Toshitada’s body and spirit turned evil, Kaos appeared and saved him. Kaos told Toshitada to open his heart and his spirit to the virtue of the armor. That indeed opened Toshitada’s spirit and freed him from the power of Talpa/Arago. He then remembered his past and regained his human spirit.

(From episode 30.)

Physical Age: Somewhere between the age of 11 to 14 when he became a Dark Warlord/Mashou. So between 15 to 18 during the TV series.*
(Became a Dark Warlord/Mashou between 1563-1565*. He’d be 11 at the youngest if he joined before his birthday.)
*Note: Anubis/Shuten was the last to become a Dark Warlord/Mashou, so he may be closer to the 14 / 18 (TV Series) age.
1 year in the Netherworld/Youjakai = 100 Earth years.

Height / Weight: 173 cm (about 5.68 feet) / 67 kg (about 147.71 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Likes: Fighting the Ronins/Troopers (when he was evil), reading, writing, working on improving himself

Dislikes: Beans

Season He Represents: Spring (shown with multiple chains appearing)

Armor Name:

  • YST: Oni
    The name of a type of demon from Japanese mythology.
  • RW Armor Name: Cruelty or Ogre?
    Armor names aren’t really mentioned in the series, although we have the following excerpt:  

    Anubis, “The helmet from my Armor of Cruelty. Ancient. Are you telling me to fight again? If this is what you ask of me, then I shall become the Ogre once more.”

Armor Color: Dark gray and blue, with a brown and gold jacket over it.
Subarmor is in a dual blue color.


  • In Armor: Kursai-gama
    Scythe with chain and a claw-like blade on the bottom.
  • As a Monk: Shakujo staff

Attack Cry:

  • YST: Ko Rai Sen
    Translates to Red Thunder Flash
  • RW: Quake With Fear

Powers / Abilities:

  • Incredible strength when in armor (Able to punch someone and send them literally flying.)
  • Uses Shakujo staff for protection, transporting, warnings, casting (spiritual?) light on enemies, etc.

Weakness: Unknown

Kanji Symbol or Essence of Humanity:

  • YST: Loyalty (Chuu)
  • RW: Loyalty

Voice Actors: