Sekhmet/Naaza Info

Sekhmet/Naaza in armor without his helmet.

Doku Mashou written in kanji.Name:

  • Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (YST): Naaza (那唖挫) Sometimes spelled Nāza
  • Ronin Warriors (RW): Sekhmet
  • French Dub (Les Samouraïs de l’Eternel): Cyanor
  • Italian Dub (I cinque samurai): Krana
  • Spanish Dub (Los Cinco Samurais): Phantom

Birth Name (Last name listed first): Yamanouchi, Naotoki


  • YST: Doku Mashou (毒魔将) – Translation: Poison Demon General
  • RW Title: Dark Warlord of Venom and Demon of Venom

Hair Color / Eye Color: Green / Black (seems to be pupil only)

Other Physical Notes:

  • No eyebrows and violet shaded eyelids.
  • Some episodes show something on the middle of his forehead. (A scale perhaps?)
  • Said to have Hebigami (literally Snake Kami) blood/ancestry. Not sure it’s “official” but it’s been pretty much an accepted fact, at least in the US fandom. (As it generally makes sense and accounts for his odd appearance.)

Birth Date: October 8th, 1551 (Year of the metal pig)
Confirmed by official YST website.

Birthplace: Southern Kyushu
Back when he was born the area was known as Satsuma province. – Source: YST Encyclopedia aka Daijiten.
Considered to be the birthplace of Japan. The Takachiho gorge is located here.


Naotoki was born into a low-ranking samurai family in Satsuma. At that time, the Shimazu clan was strong in Satsuma, and a low-ranking samurai like Naotoki’s family could not dream of a successful career. Naotoki took on the expectations of his family and tried to make a name for himself as a mercenary in the navy of the Kono clan, which was competing with the Mouri clan in the Seto Inland Sea. At that time, the Kono clan was on the verge of extinction, and there were not many people willing to become mercenaries, but Naotoki dared to take a gamble by throwing himself into a disadvantageous battle. As a result, he lost the bet and was attacked by the enemy while he was outnumbered. At that time, Naotoki cursed himself for his naivety. He cursed his folly in thinking that his achievements would shine brighter among the powerless. And that thought led to Talpa/Arago. Naotoki was able to transform the Yakushi1 armor because of his inherent obedient nature. Talpa/Arago had brainwashed Naotoki to turn his mind to himself only, and to oppose all others.

  1. Yakushi Nyorai is the Medicine Master Buddha and the altruistic hope for all people to find the ideal physical body to achieve enlightenment. Yakushi commands the 12 Warrior Generals and is the chief Buddha for helping to alleviate fears.
    (Basically, Kaos instilled Doku with a healer/doctor inner strength to it aka the healing Buddha Yakushi.)

(Translation by Dawn Sanada of the URWWS from page 172 of Memorials, book 2, with some notes on Yakushi by XMezumiiru.)

Physical Age: Somewhere between the age of 11 to 14 when he became a Dark Warlord/Mashou. So between 15 to 18 during the TV series.
(Became a Dark Warlord/Mashou between 1563-1565. He’d be 11 at the youngest if he joined before his birthday.)
1 year in the Netherworld/Youjakai = 100 Earth years.

Height / Weight: 172 cm (about 5.64 feet) / 62 kg (about 136.69 lbs)

Blood Type: AB

Likes: Tricking (or trapping?) people

Dislikes: Cold
He did grow up in Southern Japan, so he probably can’t tolerate cold very well.

Season He Represents: Autumn

Armor Name:

  • YST: Doku – Translates to Poison.
  • RW: Venom??
    Armor names aren’t really mentioned in the series.

Armor Color: Mostly green with red, or reddish-orange, on the chest plate area and gold colored hilts on his swords.
The swords on his back have a special hilt and pummel design that looks like snakes. The four swords on his waist are gold and have a simple plain katana design.
Subarmor is in dual brown colors.


  • 6 swords, all of which I believe are katanas. (There is some debate if the 2 on his back are larger swords or not.)
  • Sword name(s) in RW: Snake Fang Swords

Attack Cry:

  • YST: Ja Ga Ken – Translation: Snake or Serpent ? Sword – One definition of “ga” I found means grace or elegance
  • RW: Snake Fang Strike

Powers / Abilities:

  • Telekinesis (used to make whip attack as well as control each sword individually)
  • Using poison to inflict pain, help possess people, cause (temporary?) paralysis, blindness.
  • Demolishing, or in this case dissolving, an entire area or building around him.
  • Seems to have quick healing and recovery from injuries. (Sekhmet, “You fool! You can cut off the tail of a snake, but then it just grows back.”)
  • Reformed his poison can be used to heal. (Possibly used as medicine?)


  • Light from Sage’s / Seiji’s sword
  • Light from the Jewel of Life
  • Light from the Shakujo

Kanji Symbol or Essence of Humanity:

  • YST: To care for the aged and those of a humble station (Tei)
  • RW: (Filial) Piety

Voice Actors: