Doujinshi A-C

This page contains Mashou theme doujinshis with translated titles. The titles are mostly in alphabetical order by their translated title. In a few instances the Japanese translation is unclear, or have multiple possible meanings. In these cases I placed the title alphabetical by the Japanese title.

I am still very much a beginner at Japanese. So please accept the info below as my ‘best effort’ but possibly not 100 percent correct.

Dates are written in US format of Month/Day/Year.

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Many thanks to Welcome to Edo for providing translations for several doujinshi titles.

Akamurasaki 朱紫  – by Yoshimi Ozaki / EX. 134 pages. Published 1989 or 1990. Confirmed Yaoi.

Alexandrite 紫翠 – by Reichsritter (帝国騎士). 76 pages. Published 8/13/1989.

Angel – by Sara Ginga. 34 pages. Published 1991.

Random pages. The doujinshi is a single story where Naaza one day suddenly becomes a child. Naaza returns to an adult at the end. Sweet, kawaii, wings.


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... And I shall call him "Rafe" (Raphael)

Anubii No. One あぬびぃ 壱 – Artist/circle, pages, and publication information unknown.

Anubisu – by PICO? 134 pages. Published 1989.

Armor 鎧 – Author/Circle, pages and publication information unknown.

Armor 2 鎧2 – by Rei Kujiranami  Page and publication information unknown.

Armor Leaving Four ? 鎧まかせ 四 – by Soreiyu circle (それいゆ). 52 pages. Published 8/13/1989.

Armor Legend Tei [Respect for one’s elders/older siblings] (Yoroiden Tei) – by Naoko.R. 82 pages. Published 1990.

Armor Up, Anubisu 武装 悪奴弥守 – by Hikarizushi Busou Kourin (光寿司  武装光輪) . 76 pages. Published 3/25/1989.
Cover art by Seijiko Date 伊達生士子

Ashoka Herb (Muyuukusa) 無憂草 – by Sannasubi. 58 pages. Published 1992.

Asymmetry アシンメトリー – by まんぼう倉庫 (circle). Pages and publication date unknown. 

Authorization to cut and Leave 切捨御免! – by Consomme Royale circle (コンソメ・ロアイヤル). 44 pages. Published 4/7/1991.
(see Wikipedia for further title definition)

Beating my opponents is no sweat (Gaishuu isshouku) 鎧袖一触 – by Junction F. 62 pages. Published 1991.

Beauty & Beast by Spiral (circle). 76 pages. Published 8/14/1999. 

Beyond the end of the World  終わる世界のその先に – by Moe Sisters (萌えシスターズ). 40 pages. Published 12/29/2005.

The Bomb March 爆弾行進曲 – by Death Powder. Unknown pages. Published 1991. May Contain Yaoi.

Bukotsu (Translation: uncouth, clumsy, brusque) – by AB2スタ. 58 pages. Published 9/29/1999.

By Calling the Name 4 名前を呼んで 4 – by Moe Sisters (?) circle (萌えシスターズ). 108 pages. Published 5/3/2005.

Catch me 3 つかまえていて 3 – by 千葉爆笑クラブ (circle). Page and publication date unknown. 

Changeling – by Chirp Lying Down (?) . 56 pages. Published 9/9/1990.

Charm of Mashou 魔将の魅力 – by FC女坂 (Circle). 36 pages. Published 3/25/1989.

Cherry Blossom (Sakura) 櫻 – by Yokoshi Ma? 178 pages. Published 1992.

Cherry Blossom Flower Oni-den (Oni legend) 桜下鬼伝 – by Green Rain circle (緑雨). 148 pages. Published 8/19/1990. Confirmed Yaoi.

Cherry Haze II 霞櫻 II – by Dark Crystal (circle). 124 pages. Published 3/24/1991.

Chibi ちび – by 聖女館. 28 pages. Published 8/27/1989.

Confusion Moon 惑い月 – by Phantom wings, Kawamura, and others (夢幻翼,河村貴久,なも,他). 92 pages. Published 9/15/1989. Confirmed Yaoi.