Doujinshi D-F

This page contains Mashou theme doujinshis with translated titles. The titles are mostly in alphabetical order by their translated title. In a few instances the Japanese translation is unclear, or have multiple possible meanings. In these cases I placed the title alphabetical by the Japanese title.

I am still very much a beginner at Japanese. So please accept the info below as my ‘best effort’ but possibly not 100 percent correct.

Dates are written in US format of Month/Day/Year.

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Many thanks to Welcome to Edo for providing translations for several doujinshi titles.

Dancing in the Dark : Anubisu’ shadow creeps up on Seiji and Touma  暗闇でDANCE – artist/circle, page and publication information unknown.

Dark Calendar (Yami Koyomi) – By Okuzuki. 38 pages. Published 1993.

Dark Cherry Blossom (Yami Sakura) – by ? 74 pages. Published 19??

Dark Collection – by Variation. 62 pages. Published 1990.

Dark Fang (Yami Kiba) – by? 40 pages. Published 1989.

Dark Flower (Yami no Hana) – by Studio Capricorn. 130 pages. Published 19??

Dark Hazy Heat: Armor Legend Side-Story (No. 2) 鎧伝説外伝(二) 闇陽炎 – by Studio Capricorn. 76 pages. Published 7/8/1990.

Dark Mirror (Yami Kagami) – by ? 136 pages. Published 19??

Dark Moon (Yami Tsuki) 闇月- by 闇乃天子 (Darkness Heaven??) 36 pages. Published 6/14/1992.

Dark Musical Dance (Yami Bukyoku) – by ? 126 pages. Published 19??

Declaration of a non-heroic group (Hieiyuu-ha Sengen) 非英雄派宣言 – by Sannasubi. 50 pages. Published 1990.

Demilitarized Zone 非武装地帯 – by Roman Museum circle (浪漫館). 56 pages. Published 7/15/1990.

Demon King Triumphant (?)  魔王凱旋 by 新堂姫子. 52 pages. Published 6/25/1989

Demon King Triumphant (?) : 2nd volume 魔王凱旋 二ノ巻 by 新堂姫子. 40 pages. Published 4/1/1990.

Dinner Moon – by 独眼竜組 circle. 52 pages. Published 12/23/1989.

Downpour ? 大雨 – Artist/circle, pages, and publication information unknown.  (Rest of title is unreadable.)

Dream of Flame! 夢幻炎よ – by Mekuri Tsujimoto and/or Hatsumi Shimamura*. 90 pages. Published 1989.
* Difficult to tell if both people worked on this doujinshi, or possibly Mekuri Tsujimoto is a pen name for Hatsumi Shimamura.

Dreamy State of Mind, A 夢見心地  – Artist/circle, pages, and publication information unknown.

Edge of the Demon 1 Magic Dream ? 妖の淵 其ノ壱 魔夢 – by トルッパー文殊連. 52 pages. Published 8/11/2000.

Entreè Libre – Free Entry – by Nefer (ネフェル). Page and publication information unknown.
Artwork by Di Cong Wu? (梧荻聡). Stories by Wu and Sakura Mitsuki (三月桜).

Exciting relay land わくわくRelay Land – by Hashiba Sisters (circle). 84 pages. Released 8/15/1992. 

Feast/Banquet (Gochisō) – by スミ. 20 pages. Published 9/19/2010

Flame Ogre excerpts, Demise (Enkishou Shuuen) 焔鬼抄終焉 – by The Cult of the Big Dipper Soul Star. 116 pages. Published ?

Flower Canopy (Hana Tengai) 花天蓋 – by Sheena Tachibana & Makoto Kouno. 144 pages. Published 1992. 36 pages.

The Flowers of Romance by Death Powder. 44 pages. Published 8/??/1993. Confirmed Yaoi.

Fog wave 霧波 – by 炎帝軍. 40 pages. Published 10/28/1990. 

Forget you or Suit Yourself or F**k you! 勝手にしやがれ! by  Chiba Laughter Club circle (千葉爆笑クラブ). 36 pages. Published ?
(Seriously I found 3 different translations for this title.)

Forget you 2 or Suit Yourself 2 or F**k you 2 勝手にしやがれ 2 by Chiba Laughter Club circle (千葉爆笑クラブ). ? pages. Published 8/14/2001.

The Four Gentlemen II / The Four Noble Ones II (Shikunshi II)  四君子 II – by 三季貴夜. 52 pages. Published 5/3/1991.

Fragment of Kayura きららのかけら – by まんぼう倉庫 (circle). Pages and publication date unknown. 

Full Bloom 爛漫 – by Death Powder. 36 pages. Published 4/29/1992. Confirmed Yaoi.