Doujinshi G-I

This page contains Mashou theme doujinshis with translated titles. The titles are mostly in alphabetical order by their translated title. In a few instances the Japanese translation is unclear, or have multiple possible meanings. In these cases I placed the title alphabetical by the Japanese title.

I am still very much a beginner at Japanese. So please accept the info below as my ‘best effort’ but possibly not 100 percent correct.

Dates are written in US format of Month/Day/Year.

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Many thanks to Welcome to Edo for providing translations for several doujinshi titles.

Gang of hoodlums? (Gurentai)- by Studio-Zip. 42 pages. Published 1989.

Get Back – by Laim Company. 90 pages. Published 1990.

Happiness Advice ? 幸福のススメ – by Painting Department OG (絵画部OG) – 70 pages. Published 5/3/1992.

Harunobu 春信 – by Death Powder. 120 pages. Published 4/21/1991. Confirmed Yaoi.

Haunted 逢魔 – Author, page and publication information unknown.

Haunted: … (last part of cover unreadable) 逢魔 : (???) – Author, page and publication information unknown.

Hazy Heat (Kagerou) 陽炎 – by ??. 52 pages. Published ?

Heaven and Hell 天国と地獄 by 新堂姫子. 132 pages. Published 7/4/1993.

Here is the demon world?! (Koko wa Youjakai?!) ここは妖邪界かい – by 侍騎士団 circle? 130 pages. Published 4/30/1989.

Hindi Kita Malilimutan ? – Author/Circle, pages, and publication information unknown.

Hokusai? 北斎 – by Death Powder. 164 pages. Published 12/27/1991. May Contain Yaoi.

Holy Naaza Empire : First Issue 神聖ナアザ帝国 : 創刊号 – by Laim Company. 134 pages. Published 5/27/1990.

Holy Naaza Empire: 2nd volume 神聖ナアザ帝国 : 二ノ巻 – by Laim Company. 116 pages. Published 9/30/1990.

Holy Naaza Empire: 3rd volume 神聖ナアザ帝国 : 三ノ巻 – by Laim Company. 148 pages. Published 3/17/1991.

Holy Naaza Empire: 4th volume 神聖ナアザ帝国 四ノ巻 by Laim Company. 116 pages. Published 9/29/1991.

Holy Naaza Empire: Final volume 神聖ナアザ帝国 最終ノ巻 by Laim Company. 156 pages. Published 6/25/1992.

Honeymoon Tonight 今夜は蜜月 – Author, page and publication information unknown.

I fell to my knees and licked my wounds Vol. 1 ざまづいて傷をお舐め Vol.1 – by Emikuri (circle). 32 pages. Published 12/10/1988.

I fell to my knees and licked my wounds Vol. 2 ざまづいて傷をお舐め Vol.2 – by Emikuri (circle). 126 pages. Published 2/26/1989.

I fell to my knees and licked my wounds: A meeting that lets Anubis’ unrequited love blossom Vol.3 (Hizamazuite kizu o o-name: Anubisu-sama no kataomoi o minoraseru kai) ひ ざまづいて傷をお舐め : アヌビス様の片思いを実らせる会 – by Emikuri (circle). 112 pages. Published 6/9/1989.
Special edition dedicated to Seiji’s birthday.

I fell to my knees and licked my wounds Vol. 4 ざまづいて傷をお舐め Vol.4 – by Emikuri (circle). 128 pages. Published 10/15/1989.

I Want to be Held (Dakishi Meraretai) 抱きしめられたい – by Laim Company. 50 pages. Published 11/3/1989.

If investigated the Four Mashou (Kimereba Yon Mashou) 極めれば 四魔将 – by X Special? 82 pages. Published 1991.
Love for the Four Mashou, X commemorative SPECIAL edition.

It’s No Exaggeration to Say That I Hate It 憎 んでいると云っても過言ではな (にくんでいると いっても かごんではない -by Hated by Female High School Students  (女子高生に嫌われちゃう). Unknown pages. Published 2/11/1989.
Art by Ryuuichiro Inukai (犬養陵一朗) and Hitoshi Uchibuji (うちふじ仁).