Doujinshi N-S

This page contains Mashou theme doujinshis with translated titles. The titles are mostly in alphabetical order by their translated title. In a few instances the Japanese translation is unclear, or have multiple possible meanings. In these cases I placed the title alphabetical by the Japanese title.

I am still very much a beginner at Japanese. So please accept the info below as my ‘best effort’ but possibly not 100 percent correct.

Dates are written in US format of Month/Day/Year.

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Many thanks to Welcome to Edo for providing translations for several doujinshi titles.

Naaza’s Poison Outbreak Book 突発那唖挫毒本 – by The Vengeful Knights of the New World Order System (世紀末計画復讐騎士団  (せいきまつ けいかく ふくしゅう きしだん) ). 28 pages. Published 8/18/1990.

Next – by Lolita Complex II. 106 pages. Published 1991. Confirmed Yaoi.

No Restrain – by 幻真椒&武装!天空!! circle. 36 pages. Published 4/30/1990.

Oni 鬼- by さおり,砂姫すみれ,田中陽助,KHAOS,諸葛亮紫煙,他. 58 pages. Published 4/29/1990.

Overlord 覇王 – by Turn of the Century (?) circle (世紀末かしら). 36 pages. Published 8/16/1991.

Pink Palace Royal Hawaiian ピンクパレスロイヤルハワイアン – by Club Wicked (邪クラブ). 53 pages. Published 10/1/1989.
Artwork by Tamura Doiji (タムラ童子) and Itsuki (五木)

Please come and see me if you’re lonely 2 ひとりでさみしくなったらあいにきてください 2 – by Soft Studio Jester. Page and publication information unknown. 

Princess Princess – Circle/Author, page and publication date unknown.

Pure Love (Heart?) Story 純情物語 – by 港十番館 (circle). 36 pages. Published 4/30/1989.

Qurtet II – by 三季貴夜. 60 pages. Published 2/19/1989.

Rajura of the Opera – Author/Circle, pages, and publication information unknown.

Refinement みやび – by Komoshiro (隠城) and The Claw (那爪 (なすめ ). 108 pages. Published 12/23/1989.

Reika – Author/Circle, pages and publication information unknown.

Remembering My Own Abilities 腕におぼえあり – by Miteruyo Miteru (). 30 pages. Published 8/15/1992.

Ricochet 跳飛 – by Hikarizushi Busou Kourin 光寿司  武装光輪 . 60 pages. Published 1/16/1989.
Cover art by Seijiko Date 伊達生士子

Saikaku 西鶴 – by Death Powder. 100 pages. Published 8/14/92. May Contain Yaoi.

Samurais – Author/Circle unknown. Pages unknown. Published 1990?

The Satellite Orbit of Princess Kaguya: A Recap Summery 衛星軌道のかぐや姫 総集編 上 – by Satsuki Tsukasaki (司城さつき). 156 pages. Published 8/09/2002.

Second, or third 2番目、或いは3番目 – by ゴールデンドンバ劇場 (circle). Pages and publication date unknown. 

Sharing the Same Fate 一蓮托生 – Author/Circle, pages and publication information unknown.

Smiles Under the Masks – Author/Circle, pages and publication information unknown.

Snow Flower 雪花 – by Miyuki. 28 pages. Published 9/23/1990.

Spiral Moon ? 螺旋の月 – by Dark Crystal (circle). 124 pages. Published 3/24/1991. Confirmed Yaoi.

Storm (Arashi) 嵐 – by Crescent. 26 pages. Published 9/30/1990.

Storm star vacuum 嵐星真空 – by R.S.S.. 20 pages. Published 3/25/1989.

Summon[?] Four Mashou!! (Ideyo Yon Mashou!!) – by ? 31 pages. Published 19??.

Swinging to the Mashou Rhythm… 揺れて魔将のリズム… – by Sky Theory (天空理論). Page and publication information unknown.
The second story to follow, “Sure enough, I knew it was love”!!