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This page contains Mashou theme doujinshis with translated titles. The titles are mostly in alphabetical order by their translated title. In a few instances the Japanese translation is unclear, or have multiple possible meanings. In these cases I placed the title alphabetical by the Japanese title.

I am still very much a beginner at Japanese. So please accept the info below as my ‘best effort’ but possibly not 100 percent correct.

Dates are written in US format of Month/Day/Year.

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Many thanks to Welcome to Edo for providing translations for several doujinshi titles.

Tears Beneath the Mask (Kamen no shita no amida) 仮面の下のあみだ – by Bonno Tai? 26 pages. Published 1989.

Tears Beneath the Mask, vol. 2 (Kamen no shita no amida vol.2) 仮面の下のアミダ vol.2 – by 藤たまき,上田信丹. 60 pages. Published 9/30/1990.

Three for the Kill! (Sanbiki ga Kiru) 三匹が斬る – by Hideaki Hoba. 68 pages. Published 8/18/1990.

Note: This doujinshi title is from an old Japanese TV show from the mid 80s-90s. It was about a group of three anti-heroish men with mysterious and sketchy pasts who wander the Edo countryside and work together to save people and towns from evil samurai, gansters, corrupt political overlords, etc. There’s also a young woman who hangs out with them and helps them out. So most likely the author’s nod between this old TV show and the Mashou and Kayura, since they are both pretty similar. (Thanks to Welcome to Edo for the info!)

Story: Haru no arashi
Ryo’s sick. Shin leaves after visiting Ryo and suddenly Naaza appears with something to give Shin. One of the few stories showing Naaza as a healer.


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Should be "Haru no arashi". Storm of springtime?

Time of the Mashou (Masho Tachi no Jikan) 魔将たちの時間 – by ? 96 pages. Published 1991.

Torisetsu トリセツ – by まんぼう倉庫 (circle). Pages and publication date unknown.

Torutoru Pa~Pa 1 1/2  トルトルぱぁぱ- 1 1/2 – by Toruppar Monjuren (トルッパー文殊連). 44 pages. Published 8/10/1989.

Traveler’s Dream 夢の旅人 – by Laim Company. 116 pages. Published 4/29/1992.

Trooper road 3 トルーパー道 3 – by Soft Studio Jester (circle). Page and publication date unknown.
(For those wondering about the cover.. Ryo is putting a fish that Naaza killed in Naaza’s helmet/face guard.)

Trying to Hide It… : A Rajura and Shuu Book 忍ぶれど… : ラジュラ&秀の本 – by ZELDA. 52 pages. Published 3/25/1989. Confirmed Yaoi.

Unconditional Happiness (Mujouken koufuku?) – by Painting Section OG?? 66 pages. Published 6/2/1991.

Under the cherry blossom in full bloom 桜の花満開の下 – by Pygmalion circle. 84 pages. Published 3/25/1989. Confirmed Yaoi.

Unknown Rajura Doujinshi – Artist/Circle, pages. A5 size. 1990.
Sadly the Yahoo Japan auction for this doujinshi did not list the title, and it is not on this side of the cover.

Unprecedented: The Flower is an Iris, the Person is a Samurai 破天荒 花は菖蒲、人は武士  – by Sunflower Paradise (向日葵パラダイス ). 44 pages. Published 10/29/1989.

Unprecedented: The Flower is an Iris, the Person is a Samurai No. 2 花は菖蒲、人は武士 破天荒 – by Sunflower Paradise (向日葵パラダイス ). 72 pages. Published 6/18/1989.

Utamaro ? 歌麿 – by Euro remix? circle (ユールリミックス). 38 pages. Published 9/15/1990.

The Waring States Period 戦国時代 – Artist/Circle, page, and publication information unknown.

We are fickle: The deepest hate turns into the deepest love (Uwakina Boku-ra : Nikusaamatte kawaiisa hyakubai) 浮気なぼく: 憎さあまって可愛さ百倍 – by Sara Ginga. 26 pages. Published 1990?

World of Illusions 妖の淵 其ノ弐 幻界 – by 何処 (circle). Page and publication information unknown. 

Xmas Heaven  – by WickedCLUB (邪CLUB). 36 pages. Published 12/23/1989.

Yoroichuu ? – Artist/Circle, pages and publication information unknown.
Old image from my hard drive. I’m assuming this is a doujinshi.

You, More Than Anyone Else: Anubisu ❤ Nasty – by ろぉかるOFFICE. 32 pages. Published 6.18/1989.
Cover art by Tomoka Yuuki 結城 知佳.

You Will not Lose Kayura!! カユラ負けない!! – by Studio Lady. 36 pages. Published 9/30/1990.

The Youja Empire, Inaugural Preparatory Issue: “The Big Four” “四天王” 準備号 妖邪帝国 – Artist/Circle, pages and publication information unknown.