Posting this picture gallery because I am SHOCKED and APPALLED that there isn’t more Warlord love on Tumblr.

This was my FAVORITE warlord and first anime crush from the hit series Ronin Warriors (Yoroiden Samurai Troopers in Japan) when I was a kid. I LOVED this guy. His name is Sekhmet in the English version (Naaza in the Japanese) and is a Naga/Human hybrid of japanese mythology, which is why he looks so inhuman. Outcast by society and feared solely because of this, he turned to evil.

I loved his voice in the English version (odd because I rarely like English dubbing), because he had a deep, masculine, Germanic voice. He was in command of a cobra-themed suit of armor that gave him all the deadly power of venom, and he had the ability to move SO FAST it looked like he had six arms when striking, and six poison-dripping katana, instead of his actual two.


And to top it off, he eventually went from being a pawn of evil, to being a good guy. WHOO HOO!!!

Naotoki Yamanouchi approves of this message.

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