Image Use Policy

Like an image here? Want to share it? Please follow my policy.

Note: This policy applies to sharing images anywhere online: a website, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.


In regards to my Tumblr

All images posted on my Tumblr page must link back to my Tumblr site. If you can, link back to the individual Tumblr post, OR the source I list in that post, that’s even better!


In regards to images found on this website

General Guidelines: For everything that’s allowed you must include a link back to this website in close proximity to the image. It must be clear that the image is from Soul of the Seasons.

What I do and do not allow to be shared:

  • Images on my main index page: No sharing allowed. Sorry. I want to keep my main page unique.
  • Anything on Adopted Characters. These are copyrighted by their creators. You must mention where the images are originally from if you post them elsewhere online.
    I realize some of the creators of these images have websites that are no longer online. Still I humbly request you still give them credit for creating it.
  • Doujinshis: Sharing of doujinshi cover images is allowed. Sharing of images of individual story scans is not allowed.
  • Wallpapers made by me: Allowed per General Guidelines above. If you can’t put a link back to this site in close proximity to the image, then you cannot upload them elsewhere online.
    Please remember that wallpapers are for personal use only. They are never to be sold commercially, nor altered in any way. (This includes cropping the image to remove the URL on it.)
  • Other Artists Wallpapers images: Since these are not mine, you will need to contact the artist for permission before posting online.
  • All other images: Allowed with the link back mentioned above.

If you are making a video (YouTube, etc)

  • You MUST link back to my website on your video’s description.
    Like “thanks to..” “If you like the images I used please visit..” That sort of thing.
  • Follow the General Guidelines section above.

How to link back

Links can be like so:

This image is from <a href=””>Soul of the Seasons’ Tumblr</a>.
This image is from <a href=””>Soul of the Seasons'</a> website.

Those are just examples. It doesn’t have to be worded like that exactly. Just make sure the link clearly says or shows where the image came from.

If you want to be more visual, you can also visit this page to find a button or banner to use to link back to here.

Final notes

Basically my image policy boils down to ‘credit where credit is due.’ Posting my images online and saying you don’t know how to create a link back to Soul of the Seasons is NOT a legitimate excuse. A lot of this (meaning my whole website) requires a lot of time, effort, and money. I only ask that you please follow this policy in return. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your understanding.