Gate to the Netherworld/Youjakai

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  • Dragon Dagger’s Ronin Home – The Ronin Home offer’s a little bit of everything; Pictures, lyrics, translations, fan fiction, character and show information, soundbites and more.
  • Odessa Castle’s Teahouse – Right now profiles and synopsis, but image gallery and audio is coming in 2015.
  • Paper Reflections – Mirror and Image’s LiveJournal blog. Link used here singles out YST tags.
  • Shin’s Kitchen – Although this is more of a general website, there is a section dedicated to the series with translations, fanfiction, and hopefully more soon.
  • The U.R.W.W.S. (Ultimate Ronin Warriors WebSite) – While this is a forum/message board, Dawn has uploaded TONS of information, scans, translations, and more. She is still active in the fandom and translating things as she can as time allows. This site is a must check out.
  • Yoroiden Temple – Theria’s page. A well known source for series information for years.


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All new links since this is a new category! All of these DeviantArt accounts have Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers fanart.


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