Other Book Publications

Fan-Made Books/Novellas

Fan-published books of short stories (fanfiction).

Call my name omnibus 名前を呼んで 総集編 – By Moe Sisters 萌えシスターズ (circle). 210 pages. Published 8/10/2012.  

Fushigi Magic 不思議 MAGIC – by Emi Kitada. 196 pages. Published 12/29/1991.
Touma & Kayura stories with some fanart interspersed between them.

Some Stories About Rajura 螺呪羅に関するいくつかの話 – by Hai Enagumi (灰エナ組) and Otokodou (男道). 40 pages. Published 9/19/2010.

You were there そこに君がいた – By Mao Production. Page and publication date unknown. NEW
Looks to be Touma & Shuten stories.

Official Books/Adaptation Novels

Official books/adaptation novels published by Sunrise.

Wailings of a Restless Ghost: A Yoroiden Samurai Troopers Four Mashou’s Book 鬼哭 <鎧伝サムライトルーパー四魔将篇 – by Tsukiko Arata. 195 pages. Published 12/31/1991. ISBN: 4943966977

“Koma Toshitada is a young samurai who wished for a world without war, despite being born into a world of war. However, his ambitions and body are burned by the devastation of war, as he experiences death and his own helplessness on the battlefield. Toshitada is taken to the Youjakai at the moment when he faced the heavens and wished for a stronger power. Abandoning humanity, he becomes the Oni Mashou, Shuten. But, before the invasion of the Human World, Shuten encounters a young boy in the Human World. It was the sad fate of the prologue. He screamed, fought and prayed. Another armor legend is finally completed.”

This book is about Shuten’s past prior to the TV series. Shuten captures a kid only to let him go at the end of the story. (Apparently Nina wrote about this book on her site.)

Unknown official book with Kayura on the back cover.