Unknown Title Doujinshi

This page contains a list of doujinshis which I can only partially translate the title, or cannot translate them at all. Any help in translating these is most appreciated.

I have added a title to each image for people to reference if they want to email me about it. Click on the thumbnails to see these titles. Examples: [Mashou 1], [Yami 1]. So if you can help translate, please include this title to make it easier to reference which doujinshi you are referring to.

These images are from Samurai Reflection’s Flickr doujinshi cover album. Some may be back covers. Some may be internal title page artwork.

If you own one of these doujinshi, reference its title I gave it, and contact me. If you can provide a better scan, awesome! If you can provide any information on the doujinshi (author/circle, number of pages, publication date) that would be wonderful as well.

Unknown Cale/Anubisu

Unknown Dais/Rajura

Unknown Kayura

Unknown Shuten/Anubis

Unknown Group

Unknown Mashou