Ryo’s character in Langrisser

Got Ryo TWICE after SEVERAL “pulls” of 10 summons. (Yes you can ‘win’ a character in the game that you already have. I think the additional character is exchanged for points you can use for leveling up??? But don’t quote me on that.)

More screenshots below.

Here are screenshots of the various classes you can unlock if you level the character up enough.

A closer look at the skills you get with each Class you unlock. If there are two skills listed, the first screenshot is the Passive (left) one, and the second is the description of the right one.
First up: the Samurai class (Current class you start out with.)

Then the “Samurai of Wildfire” class. (Going down the left tree here.)

The class soldiers you get are Elite Infantry and Elite Lancer.

Finally “God of Wildfire” on the bottom left tree.

The class soldiers you get are Heavy Infantry and Vanguard Lancer.

“Righteous Warrior” on the right tree.

The class soldiers you get are Monk and Maid.

Then “Righteousness of Wildfire”

The class soldiers you get are Exorcist and Masked Maid.