Soul of the Seasons update – new wallpapers

*Pant, pant, pant.*


One good thing about being stuck inside due to Snowjam 2014 aka Gridlockalypse 2014 is that I have time to do stuff. (Yes I live in Georgia.)

So I worked on some new wallpapers. The new Cale/Anubisu one was a particular pain in the butt. On my right hand my first finger, middle finger, and thumb are in a lot of pain due to repeatedly mouse clicking and scrolling to edit the image. If anyone posts that image on their site without a link back to my page, I will not be happy. Just cause, you know, it was hours of work.. and the aforementioned pain.

But I digress. I hope all of you enjoy the new wallpapers.

Edit: Oh and happy Chinese New Year, which begins tomorrow. The year of the snake is ending (I’m a fire snake) and the year of the horse will begin. Personally I’m looking forward to celebrating it and doing something nice this weekend. ^_^

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