k-shinju88: RW/YST meets Fire Emblem – Set #2


-RW/YST meets Fire Emblem- > Set #2

The same person who sent me an idea for the first drawing set also suggested drawing a few characters as the twin siblings from FE: Sacred Stones, so here we go! I drew Rowen/Touma and Kayura (again XD) as Ephraim and Eirika.

Why are they in chibi form? …I just felt like making a chibi picture, that’s all. 😛 *shrug*

k-shinju88: RW/YST meets Fire Emblem – Set #1


RW/YST meets Fire Emblem > Set #1

Let the cosplay crossover games begin! Not sure how many of these drawings I will dish out (the next few months might get busy for me), but this will be the art “meme” that I’ll focus on throughout March. Gonna practice drawing as many pretty outfits and armors as I possibly can. XDD

Starting off, here’s Rowen/Touma as Ike and Kayura as Lucina. :3

YST Cosplay


This picture is one of the reasons to ship us (Kai and myself).

Kai as Rowen/Touma and myself as Lady Kayura (Ronin Warriors) at a convention ball last year.

I have a weakness for Rowen just as much as Kai has a weakness for me as Ryo so you can imagine I had trouble looking at Kai.