Website Update

Yesterday evening I put up a big update on my fansite Soul of the Seasons. LOTS of doujinshi images were added. Many thanks goes to @samuraireflections​‘s doujinshi cover Flickr album, and for allowing people to share the images. Lots were added to the “Unknown Title Doujinshi” page. Others either had English titles or I was able to translate them. You’ll find them on the appropriate doujinshi page alphabetical by title.

Also via a previous update, the webmaster of Welcome to Edo helped translate more doujinshis for me, and one book I posted was official merchandise. This book has been added to my “Toys, Model Kits, Pencil Boards, etc” page. (Look at the bottom of the page under “Other.”)

All these additions can be found under the Merchandise menu on my site.

Help me to help you!

So I touched up my website’s links page and adjusted the categories. As such I am looking for Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers Tumblr and DeviantArt links to add to it. So if you don’t see your link there, please be sure to submit it to me. (If the tumblr isn’t a dedicated RW/YST only blog, then I’m linking to the tag for Ronin Warriors or Samurai Troopers.) Also be sure to fill out a description on my submit a link form so I can enter that information on my site.

If you know of a Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers website out there that isn’t on my links page, submit that too. (Though dead pages with dead/broken links will be rejected.)

Thank you for your time.

Soul of the Seasons has moved to a new URL!


If I’ve seemed quiet lately it’s because I’ve been busy with my fan site. I have been working behind the scenes to change from using Dreamweaver to edit my site to using WordPress. The easiest way to accomplish this was to spin off my fan site onto its own URL. So now my fan site can be located at

I’ll be working on removing content from the old URL and adding links to where the new pages can be found.

I had hoped to have this done by my site’s birthday on October 15th. I’m happy to have exceeded that goal. This has been a lot of work for me and I hope you enjoy the results. is planned to become just personal page ‘stuff’. It too will eventually switch to WordPress. But for now, I’m happy to present the latest redesign of Soul of the Seasons. To all of my fans and visitors, especially those who have stuck with me over all these years, thank you. <3

Soul of the Seasons update – new wallpapers

*Pant, pant, pant.*


One good thing about being stuck inside due to Snowjam 2014 aka Gridlockalypse 2014 is that I have time to do stuff. (Yes I live in Georgia.)

So I worked on some new wallpapers. The new Cale/Anubisu one was a particular pain in the butt. On my right hand my first finger, middle finger, and thumb are in a lot of pain due to repeatedly mouse clicking and scrolling to edit the image. If anyone posts that image on their site without a link back to my page, I will not be happy. Just cause, you know, it was hours of work.. and the aforementioned pain.

But I digress. I hope all of you enjoy the new wallpapers.

Edit: Oh and happy Chinese New Year, which begins tomorrow. The year of the snake is ending (I’m a fire snake) and the year of the horse will begin. Personally I’m looking forward to celebrating it and doing something nice this weekend. ^_^