New versions of Samurai Heart theme song released

So two new versions of the TV series opening Samurai Heart were recently done and released. The first one is titled, “Samurai Heart 2022-“. The second track is titled, “Samurai Heart – Rekka-“.

I’ve tried to embed these links where possible, but some sites did not have that option. In those cases please click the hyperlink. (Note: The links lead to US music sites. Sites are listed in alphabetical order.)

If you are interested in all of the places where the song is available for the Japanese release, please see this tweet.

On Amazon Digital Music. (Available for purchase.)

On Apple Music:

On Spotify:

On YouTube (video).

  • Samurai Heart -2022-
  • Samurai Heart -Rekka-
    (Note NOT an official channel so I don’t know if it might be taken down. Here’s to hoping Sunrise Music puts a video up for this song as well on their channel.)

On YouTube Music.

Canadian Samurai!? Ronin Warriors | Saturday Morning Sushi | Four Star Bento



This video was sent to me by Idsaiinu here on Tumblr. Some interesting research about the company who did the dubbing for this show. Also explaining why the second episode voices were changed. I did not know why that happened until now.

Thanks for sharing Idsaiinu!

Wow, this video actually had info on the dub that I had NO idea about. Aside from the temporary voice cast change in episode 2, I didn’t realize extra sound effects were added to the show. Iiiiinteresting~ o3o