Other Artists Wallpapers

The wallpapers on this page are done by other people and are featured here with their permission. So please do not upload them somewhere else online without asking them first.

The images are all hosted by the artist on their respective pages. Hover over each image to see the resolution size of that wallpaper. Clicking on a thumbnail will load up the site where the artist is hosting it.

Please be sure to like, follow, comment, and email the artists on their sites below. I’m sure they’d love the feedback.

To Download Wallpapers:
Wallpapers on DeviantArt: Download option is on the right side of the page. Look for the large Download tab.
Wallpapers on Photobucket: Look to the right, scroll down until to see the box that says “Media options.” Download link is under that.

Note: If you would like to have your wallpapers shown here, please contact me. The wallpapers must be hosted someplace online. I cannot host the images myself. Obviously the wallpapers must prominently feature Kayura or the Warlords/Mashou.


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