Website Update 1/1/17

Happy New Year!

Since the last update I put up a new Pixiv fanart page. You may notice that it looks different from previous Pixiv fanart posts. For a time Pixiv changed their website’s appearance and got rid of the code you use to put fanart on another website. So I had to save the images elsewhere, and post the full-size images on that latest post. (Their code used a thumbnail size image.) Pixiv changed back to the old look, but I can only assume they are in the process of trying to move away from it. So even though the code is back, I can’t count on it always being there. This puts a bit of a kink in my work on these posts as you can imagine. 😛

A few more doujinshi images were added. Some for the A-C page, and one for D-F.

Aaaand that’s about it for now. I apologize for any lack of updates. I’m dealing with some personal issues that are needing my full attention at the moment. Hopefully some of those issues will start to resolve themselves in a month or two.