Website Update 5/15/16

Thanks to Welcome To Edo all of the “Unknown Title Doujinshis” I had up have been translated. One of them was actually an official book and I added to the Toys, Model Kits, Pencil Boards, Etc. page.

Otherwise all of the other doujinshis have been added to the appropriate page according to title. So feel free to check those doujinshi pages out to see the updates.

Now I’ll be working on editing some images for some other doujinshis. Some I found info on and so hopefully be able to translate the titles. Others may be added to the unknown page. It’ll be a bit of work as I touch them up and resize them. (I’ll be going through Samurai Reflection’s flickr album of doujinshi cover images.) So there will be more to come!

We also got a new link submission for the Links page!