Website Update 9/14/14

I’ve been busy over the week and especially this weekend updating both the Doujinshi Pictures page and the Unknown Title Doujinshi page. I was able to find some information on some doujinshis that were on the Unknown Title page, and with that I was able to figure out what some of the titles were. So some of these were moved to the regular Doujinshi Pictures page. Yay! I was especially grateful to find info on that one Anubisu doujinshi that drove me crazy because all references to its title were in stylized/script kanji writing. No luck at all trying to puzzle that one out on my own.

In other news, despite removing the majority of the contents on this site’s old URL, I was still running out of room. So I went to my hosting provider, A Small Orange, and live chatted with them late last night asking about changing my hosting plan to a larger sized one. They had me fill out a ticket, which I did around 10:30pm. By 9:50am today they had already taken care of it. They created the invoice and all I had to do was to pay it for upgrading my hosting space. Not even 12 hours after my request. On a weekend. On a SUNDAY! I am thoroughly impressed with their speed in responding to this and how easy they made this change for me. I cannot praise them enough. I don’t know if they’ll ever read this but many thanks. You guys are awesome! So in summary I highly recommend A Small Orange for a hosting company/provider.

With that, please enjoy the new content. ^_^