Anubis/Shuten Info

Shuten/Anubis in armor with his virtue glowing on his head.

Oni Mashou written in kanji.Name:

  • Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (YST): Shuten Douji (朱天童子) Sometimes spelled Shiten or Sh’ten.
    Translation: “Red sky child” or “Red top child”
  • Ronin Warriors (RW): Anubis
  • French Dub (Les Samouraïs de l’Eternel): Zebuth
  • Italian Dub (I cinque samurai): Demon
  • Spanish Dub (Los Cinco Samurais): Demon

Birth Name (Last name listed first): Koma, Toshitada


  • YST: Oni Mashou (鬼魔将) – Translation: Oni Demon General
  • RW: Dark Warlord of Cruelty

Hair Color / Eye Color: Red / Blue-green

Birth Date: May 5th 1551 (Year of the metal pig)
Confirmed by official YST website.

Birthplace: Kyoto (Former capital of Japan.)
Back when he was born the area was known as Yamashiro province. – Source: YST Encyclopedia aka Daijiten.

Physical Age: Somewhere between the age of 11 to 14 when he became a Dark Warlord/Mashou. So between 15 to 18 during the TV series.*
(Became a Dark Warlord/Mashou between 1563-1565*. He’d be 11 at the youngest if he joined before his birthday.)
*Note: Anubis/Shuten was the last to become a Dark Warlord/Mashou, so he may be closer to the 14 / 18 (TV Series) age.
1 year in the Netherworld/Youjakai = 100 Earth years.

Height / Weight: 173 cm (about 5.68 feet) / 67 kg (about 147.71 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Likes: Fighting the Ronins/Troopers (when he was evil), reading, writing, working on improving himself

Dislikes: Beans

Season He Represents: Spring (shown with multiple chains appearing)

Armor Name:

  • YST: Oni
    The name of a type of demon from Japanese mythology.
  • RW Armor Name: Cruelty or Ogre?
    Armor names aren’t really mentioned in the series, although we have the following excerpt:

    Anubis, “The helmet from my Armor of Cruelty. Ancient. Are you telling me to fight again? If this is what you ask of me, then I shall become the Ogre once more.”

Armor Color: Dark gray and blue, with a brown and gold jacket over it.
Subarmor is in a dual blue color.


  • In Armor: Kursai-gama
    Scythe with chain and a claw-like blade on the bottom.
  • As a Monk: Shakujo staff

Attack Cry:

  • YST: Ko Rai Sen
    Translates to Red Thunder Flash
  • RW: Quake With Fear

Powers / Abilities:

  • Incredible strength when in armor (Able to punch someone and send them literally flying.)
  • Uses Shakujo staff for protection, transporting, warnings, casting (spiritual?) light on enemies, etc.

Weakness: Unknown

Kanji Symbol or Essence of Humanity:

  • YST: Loyalty (Chuu)
  • RW: Loyalty

Voice Actors: