Dais/Rajura Info

Dais/Rajura in armor without his helmet.

Gen Mashou written in kanji.Name:

  • Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (YST): Rajura (螺呪羅)
  • Ronin Warriors (RW): Dais
  • French Dub (Les Samouraïs de l’Eternel): Merlor
  • Italian Dub (I cinque samurai): Rasta
  • Spanish Dub (Los Cinco Samurais): Diablo

Birth Name (Last name listed first): Kuroda, Jirougorou


  • YST: Gen Mashou (幻魔将) – Translation: Illusion Demon General
  • RW: Dark Warlord of Illusion

Hair Color / Eye Color: White / Blue

Other Physical Note: Eye patch over left eye

Birth Date: September 19th, 1549 (Year of the earth rooster)
Confirmed by official YST website.

Birthplace: Kanto
Back when he was born the area was known as Musashi province. – Source: YST Encyclopedia aka Daijiten
Tokyo is located in this area.

Physical Age: Somewhere between the age of 13 to 16 when he became a Dark Warlord/Mashou. So between 17 to 20 during the TV series.
(Became a Dark Warlord/Mashou between 1563-1565. He’d be 13 at the youngest if he joined before his birthday.)
1 year in the Netherworld/Youjakai = 100 Earth years.

Height / Weight: 176 cm (about 5.77 feet) / 70 kg (about 154.32 lbs)

Blood Type: B

Likes: Confusing people

Dislikes: Waking up early

Season He Represents: Summer

Armor Name:

  • YST: Gen
    Translates to Illusion.
  • RW: Illusion??
    Armor names aren’t really mentioned in the series.

Armor Color: Maroon (?) with some green and gold.
Subarmor is in a dual green color.


  • A spider-like weapon with 6 Kamas, each Kama can be removed and used individually. This weapon can extend to very long lengths. When each Kama connects with ground, it immediately expends a spider-like substance and creates a web.
  • Nunchuka on left forearm
  • Morning star on right forearm

Attack Cry:

  • YST: Tochimou
  • RW: Web of Deception


  • Casting illusions over himself to either appear as someone or something else, or to blend into the environment.
  • Creating spider webs to entrap people. As they struggle the web substance digs further into their bodies.
  • Reformed he could use his powers to create peaceful soothing visions.


  • Light from the Shakujo
  • Light from the Jewel of Life
  • Sage’s / Seiji’s sword, which reveales in its blade the truth behind the illusions

Kanji Symbol or Essence of Humanity:

  • YST: Endurance, forbearance, patience, self-restraint (Nin)
  • RW: Serenity

Voice Actors: