Next Samurai Troopers Statue: Anubis/Cale




I love the detail of the mask beneath him! It looks like the one he wore in episode 16 when he fought Seiji inside Arago’s castle.

If the pattern of statue releases continues, this means Seiji should make his appearance soon too! Can’t wait!

I wish I could afford to get all of the Mashou, but Naaza alone was really pricy for me. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing the completed version.

Mixed Reviews for (bootleg) Anubis/Cale Figure


The admin of the Ronin Warriors Samurai Troopers 5 Samurai Los Cinco Samurai Toys Figures Facebook group recently received his order of the Anubis/Cale figure.


Here’re his thoughts:

Cale arrived today. My review – took me longer to put him together compared to any of the bandai. There are one or two looser pieces. Leg armor is a bit awkward, biggest issue was the boots I think. They totally screwed up on sizing those. Even bandai has an issue or two like known hip joint issue so I know nothing is perfect. Pros- it is still a beautiful display piece, I really dig the soft cloak cape compared to the hard plastic alternative. Has a nice feature, the stand. The color scheme is awesome. Few tweaks and it’s up there. Overall rating, as a display piece I’d say 9…ease of putting together with patience…I’d say 5…so overall..7 out of 10.


Meanwhile, a fan by the name of Jeff wrote about the figure he received on the  YOROIDEN SAMURAI TROOPERS – ARMOR PLUS – ( BANDAI) Facebook page:


So here’s my Anubis set that I just got yesterday. Opened it up and…well you’ll see. I’m going to be probably getting a refund on this…its sad I had such high hopes for this.

Bought the fabric cape too. Started off good until i heard something loose already.


Figure looked good at first…

Don’t care about the display stand at all. I just get these to display the armors on the black stand part…more on that in a second.


Ok, now I see why its cheaper than the Bandai ones, there’s not just some assembly required, there’s a LOT of assembly required and ZERO instructions for them.


The ONE PART I needed to work…falls apart completely the SECOND I TAKE IT OUT OF THE BOX!! Not to mention that the limbs are about to separate too…


The paint on the cape’s insides is incomplete and chipping out of the box.

Here’s the main reason this failed, there’s a missing pin on the back piece and the screws they used are for decoration only. They aren’t remotely long enough to connect with the back piece. Either finding the proper size screws could work or glueing it might work.

But, the leg armor doesn’t stay on the legs, they don’t line up with the feet at all and the spikes on the skirt armor is missing one. But I DO have one extra of the spikes that go on the chest armor. Not good enough.

The paint under the feet armor is unfinished and the horn on the helmet doesn’t sit flush with the helmet.

The piece that connects the top of the plastic cape to the rest of it is also missing too.

On the plus side, they put a ton of extra detail onto the sheath of the sword with kanji and other detail. It’s like that all they really cared about.


I did leave out some of his comments and pictures because there were no pics of it fully assembled and so this post wouldn’t be super long. Also Jeff likes to display the armor on the blank figure, not the main body, but he did say that the main body he received:

…slumps over and barely holds itself up. No to mention it feels like cheap playskool plastic

Another fan, Yusuke Sanada, posted pics of his collection to the Ronin Warriors Samurai Troopers 5 Samurai Los Cinco Samurai Toys Figures Facebook group and seemed to have no complaints about his figure(s):



Sounds like it’s a bit of a gamble whether or not the figure arrives in “good” condition, but when it does, it seems to fit in well with the original, official, line. I’ve seen the figure on eBay, and the price isn’t too bad; but do note that they’re selling the cape separately from the figure for an extra cost, so be careful when making your purchase.

Unofficial Anubisu action figure

Since Bandai Tamashii Nations hasn’t made these guys themselves, a 3rd party is (which technically makes this guy a bootleg). Still, it’s really cool to see the level of detail going into this design!

Unfortunately I don’t know when or where it’ll be sold; I’m guessing ebay since the 3rd party does have bootleg versions of the troopers there (be sure to check for reviews on facebook or youtube before deciding whether or not you’d like to invest). Is it better to have a poor quality bootleg, or nothing at all? Hmmm…


k-shinju88 : Boys of Summer 2018 – Week 4

~Boys of Summer 2018 – Week 4~

Almost done with this year’s challenge! \o3o/

There is one extra drawing this week~ The art I drew on the 19th was split into two parts- both have Kento/Shu in them. The swimsuit drawing is a prompt that a member of the RW/YST Discord server suggested. (More will be made for this prompt during the last week of the challenge. Heheh. :3c)

Oh, and the last picture is some self-indulgent fluff that I drew for my birthday. Happy birthday to meeeee~! XD


Week 1 drawings // Week 2 drawings // Week 3 drawings

That next to last drawing, the one of Rowen and Kayura.. I see Kayura watching her first rollergirl derby and getting really excited about it, maybe wanting to find out how to be a part of a team. Meanwhile Rowen’s like O_O.

Cale getting pissed about the heat is funny. I would love to see that drawing offset by one of Sekhmet completely unperturbed by the heat.  LOL

Kayura looking up while wearing the Oni armor looks fantastic!

And belated happy birthday k-shinju88!