Website Update 7/9/16

Field with a tree and a mountain in the background.The rest of the Unknown Title Doujinshis have been added to their respective pages according to title. A few new doujinshi titles have been added. Some doujinshi images have new cover scans, and some back cover scans were added.

Another Other Book Publications title has been added.

The two Doujinshi pages themselves had become too long and getting a bit unwieldy. So I counted up how many titles I currently have on both of them. 142. That’s too many for two pages. So I tried to break down the titles again into semi nice splits alphabetically. I also wanted to make sure there would be room to grow a bit before they became too large again. As such there are now six doujinshi pages.

That should help with both load times and display. No one could have to keep scrolling and scrolling. Plus the plugin that I use to make the galleries doesn’t like it when I put too many on one page. So this should solve all of that.

The navigation menu has changed to reflect this. Now under Merchandise, there is a Doujinshi category. The six pages are under that.

Boy this wasn’t a problem I was expecting when I started doing this. 😀

I hope you enjoy all the updates!