Q: Do you know if the warlords have any official song appearances other than just Kamen no shita no namida?

Do you know if the warlords have any official song appearances other than just Kamen no shita no namida? I keep thinking they sang in Best Friends because I swear up and down I hear Nazaa in it O.O Also, congrats on 18 years for souloftheseasons!//

I was under the impression that the Trooper and Mashou voice actors all sang in the Best Friends song. (And the voice actors for the other main characters too.)

This is to the best of my knowledge, and anyone is welcome to confirm or correct me.


Per khandri’s reblog post:

A quick check of the liner notes in the CD does indeed list all four Mashou seiyuu as singing in the “Best Friends” song along with most of the rest of the cast.

Thanks khandri!

Yoroiden Samurai Troopers getting a re-release!

YST complete collection YST OVA Collection

News is out that Discotek Media has secured the rights to Yoroiden Samurai Troopers.

The TV series will be released as a collection, but only the Japanese version will be available at this time. Via their Facebook page, “This will be the original version only. If and when we release Ronin Warriors, it will be a separate collection. There are some issues that need to be cleared on the dub.

The OVAs will also be released as a collection and it will be both subtitled and dubbed. Again via their Facebook page, “This set will have the English dub and the Japanese with English subtitles.

Expected release date is February 2015.

The announcement doesn’t say, but I assume it’ll be DVD only. If there are any further details about their release, I’ll let you know. I will also let you know when pre-orders are available.

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Cale voice actor character mashup

So Mirror and Image have got me into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I realized in the latest episode that, “Heeey.. I know that screaming yell..” Yup Matt Hill’s voice was used for Soarin. (Hey I’m a Warlord fan, remember? I would remember every time Ryo cried out. :P)

Anyway while looking at the voices actors for MLP:FIM I found another name I recognized. Richard Newman. He plays the voice of Cranky Doodle Donkey. He also was the primary voice actor for Cale.

So while chatting with Mirror and Image about mash ups of the characters between the fandoms, they drew me a quick sketch of Cranky in the Armor of Darkness. I went ahead and commissioned for a completed work.


If you like this, please like their YouTube video, if you’re on DA please like their artwork, and comment on it. I know they would love feedback!

I noticed this picture also coming up a lot on tumblr. Again this is a wallpaper that I created. It available here. Please also like my wallpaper on DeviantArt.

If you have posted it somewhere else online without knowing the source, please edit your post and use the links above as sources. This wallpaper took a lot of hard work to put together.