New versions of Samurai Heart theme song released

So two new versions of the TV series opening Samurai Heart were recently done and released. The first one is titled, “Samurai Heart 2022-“. The second track is titled, “Samurai Heart – Rekka-“.

I’ve tried to embed these links where possible, but some sites did not have that option. In those cases please click the hyperlink. (Note: The links lead to US music sites. Sites are listed in alphabetical order.)

If you are interested in all of the places where the song is available for the Japanese release, please see this tweet.

On Amazon Digital Music. (Available for purchase.)

On Apple Music:

On Spotify:

On YouTube (video).

  • Samurai Heart -2022-
  • Samurai Heart -Rekka-
    (Note NOT an official channel so I don’t know if it might be taken down. Here’s to hoping Sunrise Music puts a video up for this song as well on their channel.)

On YouTube Music.

Another recreated piece of music from the TV series

Christopher Watts has shared with me another piece of fanart, and music he’s recreated from the TV series. This piece of music starts with Rajura talking, doing his surekill attack, and then the music starts. You will recognize this piece from when Dais/Rajura is attacking the Ronins/Troopers. Christopher has given the title the tentative track name of “Oooh What A Tangled Web Gen Masho Rajura Weaves.” Give it a listen here. I think he did a great job.

Here is the fanart he made to go with this latest track:

Dais/Rajura in his armor without his helmet on. He is hanging upside down with a spider web behind him. His helmet is floating by itself on the left side of the image.
Dais/Rajura fanart made by Christopher Watts.

And remember he has a channel on YouTube called Wizzattz Productions as well. Christopher may be uploading his tracks and fanart there as well.

Once again thank you Christopher for submitting your work! If anyone wishes to email him, he is available at wizzattz at gmail dot com.

A fan recreated a piece of music from the series

Hello everyone.

I received the following submission from Christopher Watts.

“I am a huge fan of Yoroiden Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors, especially of the music… There is a track that usually plays when the Troopers/Warriors are backed into a corner or at their wits end against the Dark Warlords/Mashous or whoever the bad guy is at the moment, but for some reason it isn’t available on any of the soundtracks, but I love this piece of music. It’s not perfect, but I tried to recreate it as best as I could.”

Christopher has given the track the tentative name of “The Troopers Are In Danger/The Mashous Are Closing In”. The track is available on Have a listen. I think he did an awesome job.

Christopher has a channel on YouTube called Wizzattz Productions where he uploads his 2Pac remixes, if any of you are interested in checking that out.

He also submitted this great piece of fanart that he drew of Anubis/Shuten Douji to go along with the music he sent.

Anubis/Shuten Douji in his armor. He is not wearing his helmet and is holding his weapon in both hands. The helmet itself is draw to the left of Anubis/Shuten's image.
This fanart was drawn by Christopher Watts

He also went on to say, “I do have another YST/RW remake track that I have been trying to perfect… It’s the track that’s played when Rajura/Dais first appeared to fight against Ryo and Shin/Cye, attacked all the Troopers/Warriors inside the gate after the wind dropped them all to the ground and when Kenbukyo/Lord Saber Strike was talking to Ryo on the second episode he appeared in right after the commercial break. (You might recognize what track I’m talking about. It has bongos and kongas playing in it. I’m sampling that portion to really capture that sound) I’m also working on an drawing of Rajura to go along with the remade track.”

I hope everyone enjoys these fantastic submissions from Christopher. If you wish to email him, he is available at wizzattz at gmail dot com.

Thank you Christopher for submitting your work!

Personally, I’m constantly blown away by various fans of the series. From people translating books to various discussions of the series, fanfiction, fanart, music, and more, your love for this series really shows.

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Download Yoroiden Samurai Troopers CDs torrent – BakaBT

Q: Do you know if the warlords have any official song appearances other than just Kamen no shita no namida?

Do you know if the warlords have any official song appearances other than just Kamen no shita no namida? I keep thinking they sang in Best Friends because I swear up and down I hear Nazaa in it O.O Also, congrats on 18 years for souloftheseasons!//

I was under the impression that the Trooper and Mashou voice actors all sang in the Best Friends song. (And the voice actors for the other main characters too.)

This is to the best of my knowledge, and anyone is welcome to confirm or correct me.


Per khandri’s reblog post:

A quick check of the liner notes in the CD does indeed list all four Mashou seiyuu as singing in the “Best Friends” song along with most of the rest of the cast.

Thanks khandri!