Naaza/Sekhmet bootleg figure updates


New photos have surfaced of the bootleg “armor plus” Naaza.




I’m not sure why his face was blurred out in the first photo, and no one is quite sure what’s going on with his red hands. This is the same company that released the Anubis/Cale “armor plus” bootleg, and is the same company that is working on the Shuten/Anubis “armor plus” bootleg.

No shipment date has been confirmed, but the figure has appeared on eBay as a presale with an estimated ship date between January 23rd and March 5th.

Let’s hope the quality is improved…

Caught red-handed? Entered witness protection program?

Yeah, I got nothing. 😛

Next Samurai Troopers Statue: Anubis/Cale




I love the detail of the mask beneath him! It looks like the one he wore in episode 16 when he fought Seiji inside Arago’s castle.

If the pattern of statue releases continues, this means Seiji should make his appearance soon too! Can’t wait!

I wish I could afford to get all of the Mashou, but Naaza alone was really pricy for me. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing the completed version.

Naaza and Shin Statue Preorders Open


F.O.C. Studio has opened preorders for the Naaza and Shin statues! Here are the details copy/pasted from their facebook page:

Pre_Order for Naaza and Shin start:

Team: FOC-StudioSize: 26cm*22.5cm*38cm
Weight: about 3KG
Material: (PU) + (resin) + LED lights
Full price: 270 USD and Deposit: 120USD
Limited: 100 pieces for international version (Global 388 pieces and 288 pieces for China, limited plate is separately)
Estimated Release time: August 2019

Team: FOC-Studio
Size: 34cm*27cm*41cm
Weight: about 5KG
Material: (PU) + (resin)
Full price: 290 USD and Deposit: 120USD
Limited: 100 Pieces for international version bodies (Global 388 pieces and 288 pieces for China, limited plate is separately)
Estimated Release time: August 2019

Buy two together, get 15 USD off for total price.

1, Buy from our partner FNC directly
2, Buy from FOC directly, PayPal address:

Add add PayPal fee or pay by friend.
Write Pay for FOC Shin or Naaza or both on PayPal description.

Last, PM me with one screenshot for your payment.


Remember to contact F.O.C. Studio via their facebook page for more information!

Disclaimer: I do not make any commission off of any sales through this link, nor am I in any way affiliated with F.O.C. Studio.

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