Website Update 6/18/17

Rainy pond photo from
Since it’s been raining a lot lately, I’ve posted a picture of a rainy pond from

Three new doujinshis were added: Changeling, Love comedy, and Man of the year of the dog.

I updated the links page, removing some expired website links and adding some new ones. Remember, if you have or know of a Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers site that isn’t listed there, please submit it.

For those who have an interest, I blogged about my experience at MomoCon on my personal website.


DeviantArt Fanart #3

Warlords color wallpaer by Elysion-Gear on DeviantArt

Shuten Chibis 1 by Elysion-Gear on DeviantArt

Kayura – Wisteria by WintersKnight on DeviantArt

Naaza – WIP by WintersKnight on DeviantArt

Yami Masho by WintersKnight on DeviantArt

Gen Masho by WintersKnight on DeviantArt

Oni Masho by WintersKnight on DeviantArt

Doku Rising by WintersKnight on DeviantArt

Jokerman by WintersKnight on DeviantArt

Arago’s Warriors 1 by WintersKnight on DeviantArt

Kiss by WintersKnight on DeviantArt

Subarmor by WintersKnight on DeviantArt

Ennui by WintersKnight on DeviantArt

.:: Lady Kayura ::. by mors-somno on DeviantArt

Sekhmet by HerrPixel on DeviantArt

Lord of Illusions by thinkagain000 on DeviantArt

Kayura close up by thinkagain000 on DeviantArt

Warlords at the airport by thinkagain000 on DeviantArt

Warlords and Puppies by thinkagain000 on DeviantArt

Warlord Winter Pose by thinkagain000 on DeviantArt

DeviantArt Fanart #2

KayuraSErD02 by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

KayuraYJKsenshi02 by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

KayuraYJKsenshi04 by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

KayuraYJKsenshi05 by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

KayuraYJKsenshi06 by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

KayuraYJKsenshiQ1 by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

KayuraYJKsenshiQ2 by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

KayuraYjiM by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

Shuten by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

Yon Masho by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

Naza by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

KayuraW by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

KayuraQS by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

RaJura by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

Shuten Doji by ZpanSven on DeviantArt

Anubisu of Corruption by ZpanSven on DeviantArt

Naaza by ZpanSven on DeviantArt

Rajura by ZpanSven on DeviantArt

Shuten Portrait by Elysion-Gear on DeviantArt

Open your eyes by Elysion-Gear on DeviantArt


Website Update 3/19/17

So last weekend I updated my Samurai Troopers Doujinshi Pinterest board. In the process of updating it I noticed some issues with some of my doujinshi here. Some accidentally had a smaller image version uploaded. One had the wrong cover uploaded. And some had no description when you  clicked on the thumbnail. So I spent the past week slowly updating and correcting all of that. Any doujinshi titles that had an image cover re-uploaded to a larger one now have a UPDATED button next to them. And phew was that ever a lot of work! At least it’s all fixed now. Sorry about all the mess and I hope you enjoy the larger images.

Website Update 2/26/17

Last Sunday, the 19th, I added the first fanart post with artwork from DeviantArt. I also started working on the second post.

My Pinterest board “Mashou & Kayura Fandom” was updated over the weekend. (It’s the Pinterest board you see on the footer of the site.) I also added a Pinterest board for Cosplay for the Warlords/Mashou and Kayura. On my to-do for next month is to update the doujinshi board as well as continue to find fanart for the Fandom board.

I also did some work on my Tumblr. Other than the usual posts I put on there, I tweaked the back end and updated the overall look of it.

Finally I updated my Deviant ID on DeviantArt profile. I know I’m pretty much a lurker and collector there now, but I felt like sprucing up a bit.

DeviantArt Fanart #1

Fanart found on Please leave feedback and/or favorite the artist’s work if you can. I know artists really appreciate it.
Please don’t post these images elsewhere online without crediting the artist.
Click on each image to go to the artwork’s page.

Anubis by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

KayuraBrbSXBYoJaXXHpBr by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

KayuraYZBJuniHitoeXX by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

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Crunchyroll adds Samurai Troopers to their streaming service!

Official YST TV Series Artwork
It is a good time in the fandom. At 7PM on Wednesday January 18th, Crunchyroll added Samurai Troopers to their streaming catalog. All 39 episodes of the TV series are available. Yes this means only the subtitled version (since it’s from Discotek Media’s release). I haven’t seen any news yet if the OVAs will be added to streaming.

There probably won’t be a dub version of the TV series added until Discotek Media can manage to get access to the dub’s license. That’s if it proves worth their while to do so. If they can’t get enough interest to pay back their returns for putting the sub together, they will think there’s no one interested in having the dub. Or they will think that far too few people are interested to make the cost and effort worth while. Note this is my own opinion, and not the opinion nor statement from Discotek Media. Still interest + revenue can only equal continued work on this series going forward.

Regardless this is very good news. It is the first time the series has ever been available for streaming. (At least in the US.) This from a series that never saw a US VHS release. (Remember this series originally aired on TV in 1995.) The first US DVD release didn’t happen until 2002. While that DVD release brought us the release, and dub (!), of the OVAs (YAY!), Bandai stopped producing those DVDs soon after the DVD series set was released. It’s taken until 2015 to have someone pick up the series in some form again for another US DVD release.

As such, this is a day I never thought would ever truly happen. (I’ve pinched and slapped myself a few times, and checked repeatedly to make sure I wasn’t dreaming all this.) This series has a small but faithful following. It doesn’t have the power of some bigger series like Sailor Moon nor Evangelion. So for this series to finally reach this point is a huge achievement.

If you are someone rediscovering this series, or finding it for the first time, I want to welcome you to the fandom. (And well thank you for finding my site.) Feel free to browse here and explore other websites on my links page.

To the long-time fans: We finally made it to this day.









Website Update 1/1/17

Happy New Year!

Since the last update I put up a new Pixiv fanart page. You may notice that it looks different from previous Pixiv fanart posts. For a time Pixiv changed their website’s appearance and got rid of the code you use to put fanart on another website. So I had to save the images elsewhere, and post the full-size images on that latest post. (Their code used a thumbnail size image.) Pixiv changed back to the old look, but I can only assume they are in the process of trying to move away from it. So even though the code is back, I can’t count on it always being there. This puts a bit of a kink in my work on these posts as you can imagine. 😛

A few more doujinshi images were added. Some for the A-C page, and one for D-F.

Aaaand that’s about it for now. I apologize for any lack of updates. I’m dealing with some personal issues that are needing my full attention at the moment. Hopefully some of those issues will start to resolve themselves in a month or two.

Pixiv Fanart #6

Fanart found on Please leave feedback and/or favorite the artist’s work if you can. I know artists really appreciate it.
Please don’t post these images elsewhere online without crediting the artist.
Click on each image to go to the artwork’s page.

迦遊羅 by 星野雪(C91金東テ-08a)

遅刻。12月12日 迦遊羅お誕生日おめでとうv by 星野雪(C91金東テ-08a)

みかん争奪戦な四魔将。 by 星野雪(C91金東テ-08a)

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Soul of the Seasons is 20 years old!


Champagne glasses and fireworks

Soul of Seasons is now 20 years old! It’s officially old enough to drink in Japan!

I think this calls for some appropriate music.

I have to admit, the highlight over the past year has been Richard Newman (voice actor for Cale) joining Twitter and Facebook. His lines still have a way to send delightful chills down my back. Also it’s always good to see the voice actors from the series continuing to work on in other projects. And, you know, Cale is my favorite Warlord. So seeing Mr. Newman post updates gives me a certain glee.

Website Updates:

Previous fanart posts have been condensed and now use numbers for titles. Each post will have around 20 fanart pictures – sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. If you go to the fanart posts via the navigation bar, you will see the first three pieces of artwork on each post followed by a “Read more” link. Be sure to click on that to see the full post.

Also another fanart post has been added. I hope you enjoy it!

And of course thank you everyone who has stuck by me and this site all these years.

Happy Birthday