St. Patrick’s Day – Sekhmet/Naaza image post

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! So it’s a great time for a Sekhmet/Naaza image post.

I wonder how he’d react to the holiday here in the US. Would he like blending in because people would think he dyed his hair for the holiday? Or would he be annoyed about all the comments and compliments about his hair?

  1. Sekhmet by HerrPixel (DeviantArt)
  2. Cueillette Mortelle? by yami-samuraiflo (DeviantArt)
  3. The Arms of the Dark Sister by swiftgold (DeviantArt)
  4. Ennui by WintersKnight (DeviantArt)
  5. 理科準備室にて by 咲子 (Pixiv)
  6. 毒様。 by 487 (Pixiv)


DeviantArt Fanart #1

Fanart found on Please leave feedback and/or favorite the artist’s work if you can. I know artists really appreciate it.
Please don’t post these images elsewhere online without crediting the artist.
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Cale/Anubis looking over his shoulder - wearing a kimono.
Anubis by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

Pen sketch of Kayura in armor
KayuraBrbSXBYoJaXXHpBr by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

Blue pen sketch of Kayura in her kimono.
KayuraYZBJuniHitoeXX by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

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