k-shinju88 : Boys of Summer 2018 – Week 4

~Boys of Summer 2018 – Week 4~

Almost done with this year’s challenge! \o3o/

There is one extra drawing this week~ The art I drew on the 19th was split into two parts- both have Kento/Shu in them. The swimsuit drawing is a prompt that a member of the RW/YST Discord server suggested. (More will be made for this prompt during the last week of the challenge. Heheh. :3c)

Oh, and the last picture is some self-indulgent fluff that I drew for my birthday. Happy birthday to meeeee~! XD


Week 1 drawings // Week 2 drawings // Week 3 drawings

That next to last drawing, the one of Rowen and Kayura.. I see Kayura watching her first rollergirl derby and getting really excited about it, maybe wanting to find out how to be a part of a team. Meanwhile Rowen’s like O_O.

Cale getting pissed about the heat is funny. I would love to see that drawing offset by one of Sekhmet completely unperturbed by the heat.  LOL

Kayura looking up while wearing the Oni armor looks fantastic!

And belated happy birthday k-shinju88!