k-shinju88: Boys of Summer 2018 – Week 5


~Boys of Summer 2018 – Week 5~

Last week of the challenge and I managed to draw something for every day of June. YAY!

A looooot of swimsuit sketches were made to match the one I created for Cye/Shin last week. …This is the most fanservice I have drawn in a matter of days. That’s a new personal record, I think. XDDDD

The rest are all group drawings! The Warlords picture was inspired by a comment @souloftheseasons made on last week’s art post, while the chibi sparkler picture is a revised version of something I made for the first BOS challenge. <3


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Muahahahahahaha! It looks fantastic @k-shinju88 . The snake is a great touch. 🙂 <3

Yes, one must remember that Sekhmet grew up in southern Japan (southern Kyushu). He doesn’t mind the heat. Cale, on the other hand, is from northern Japan (Aomori)… I’m sure Cale will get his revenge come winter.