TV Series Humor


Wait a minute–


was that


did he just


OH. I won’t lie, I never caught that. no pun intended

So, it was using Shuten’s kusari-gama? I guess that explains why it was so… powerful? That explains why the camera panned over it in such loving detail when the soldier first appeared. it still doesn’t explain the tv though.


that probably explains the tv.

So like were they just sitting there watching the whole time?

Naaza: “We should go down there and just kill them all.”
Anubis: “Naaza no this is what cannon fodder is for. Let’s just watch how it goes.”
Shuten: “Number 12 will be fine I gave him my weapon.”
Rajura: “I’m bored let’s put the humans in that TV and see what they do!”
Naaza: “…”
Anubis: “…”
Shuten: “…”
Rajura: “And torture them!”
Naaza: “Yes good.”

I am imagining them sharing a bucket of popcorn and being petty whenever Shuten tries to reach for some.