Where can I watch “Ronin Warriors”?

YouTube. At least until the DVDs for the Japanese version of the TV series comes out in February. (The OVAs DVD release will be Japanese & English.)

I’d highly recommend buying the DVDs when they are finally available for pre-order. The only way we can encourage companies to re-release the DVDs and support this series is through our wallets. If enough people buy the Japanese version of the TV series, hopefully the dub license can be picked up too.

The fandom support from buying the original DVD release years ago caused the OVAs to finally be dubbed after all these years. I think we can surprise them once again. 🙂

Note: YouTube link is for the TV series only. The playlist doesn’t include the OVAs Gaiden (Side-story), Kikoutei Densetsu (Legend of the Inferno Armor), and Message.

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