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Rowan, you’ve already met her once prior to this.  I think you need glasses.

From his perspective, she was constantly obscured in shadows up until that point, has a voice that sounds like a grown woman’s, and referred to herself as “Lady” in the dub. For all intents and purposes, he would think her to be a full-grown woman. But she isn’t. Kayura is physically twelve years old…therefore, just a girl. Wouldn’t you express surprise at such a thing as well?

I know the dub has issues, and this scene wasn’t translated/adapted very well (in the original, she doesn’t use the “Lady” title, and Touma shows more surprise at her appearing so young), but come on already. This has been explained so many times over now.

I know!  I’m familiar with Yoroiden Samurai Troopers as well.  This is not about the original vs. dub context so much as I very much enjoy older dubs for their awkward dialogue, even if their face value makes some people want to facepalm.  Those silly and sometimes oddly placed lines or word choices can give whole new context to a scene.

For example, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Fire Emblem game series, but in Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, there is a warrior character who is so caught up in the war and battle that it takes several encounters for him to realize that the formidable rival he has been battling up until that point is a woman.

The similar “Wait, this is a chick!” reaction that Rowan’s word choice here can imply (should one choose to interpret it this way) is interesting to me because it can be interpreted that he has been fighting so hard and so long that he’s become unfocused.  He’s so worn out and beaten down from the all the recent battles that he has to look twice to see things that are right in front of him.  Just one thought!

Also, I really enjoy dub Ryo’s reaction of, “You got that right.”  His tone of voice makes me think, “You got that right…  And she’s a babe!