Minor Update 9/28/14

  • Added social media icons to the main page.
    I have an RSS feed icon both for the blog here and for Soul of the Seasons’ Tumblr. (The blue icon is the Tumblr one.) That way if you want to follow my Tumblr but don’t have a Tumblr account, you can use that RSS feed.
  • Blog page was added in the menu under Soul of the Seasons.
    Just a separate page to find all that stuff.
  • Added a submitted link to the links page.
    Welcome to Edo is back!!
  • Image use policy updated.
    Since now all of my wallpapers have urls on them, I’ve adjusted the policy.
  • Cute chibi image added to Contact me page.
    Because it was fun. ^_^
  • Submit a link form updated.
    Added a field to enter your website’s name. Oops. Sorry I missed that.