samuraireflections: Picture Dumps for You (doujinshi images)




It’s a pretty slow Christmas night over here, so I thought I’d look into something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I have been saving random doujinshi scans and covers for years from old fan pages and auctions. Most of which do not exist anymore.

I’ve been trying to decide of a way to share these with the remaining fans out there who also enjoy squirreling away beautiful art. So I got myself a flickr account and I’ve been dumping a large portion of my files in there.

It is not my intention to steal content from pages that are still active, I just want to keep this art in circulation for my fellow fans.

Doujinshi covers album:

Doujinshi scans album:

Ahhhh thank you I have some to add too. I need to scan my coloring books.
I’ve also been hoarding pictures since 99 so I need to go through them.

If you or anyone else has dj scans and/or covers you have been collecting and would like add to these albums, contact me. It would be great to keep this stuff together so everyone has access to them all in one spot.

Reblogging to draw more attention to this.

Also there’s quite a few doujinshi covers with the Mashou on them that I haven’t seen before. I wish I had more information about these titles so I could add those images to my doujinshi pages.