samuraireflections: Doujinshi cover


An adorable cover. And then there’s Anubis’ creepy full-lipped smile floating in the background. I’d hate to see that in my window at night.

“Hey we forgot to draw Anubis in this picture.”

“Eeeh, we have space on the top right.”

Plus.. creepy smile in your window at night thing was kinda established by Saranbo. (Netherworld denizens are weird.)

Cale / Anubisu and Mia / Nasutei doujinshi


One of the whole two Mia x Cale doujinshi I have ever seen. Though this does have potential to be a hot pairing.

*Thinks back to Mia & Cale interactions* Well Cale did attack her with his tekko-kagi, tortured her in freezing water, and then froze her solid.

.. Then again Anubis threw Mia into a volcano…

I’m starting to wonder and worry about Mia now.