Sage Page gone?

Going through my links on my fansite and updating them. I can no longer load up “The Sage Page” aka “Sage’s Ronin Page.” The old link still loads up, but the new one/redirect does not.

Is the website gone? Damn. His page was just over 4 months older than mine. It was the oldest Ronin Warrior page online.

If it’s true his website is gone, that means.. I now have the oldest Ronin Warrior fansite. A little cool, but mostly pretty sad and somber. I’ve lost too many online RW friends over the years.

If anyone knows anything, please leave a comment on this post.

Man I feel old. *Leans on Shakujo and uses it as a walking stick.*

Edit: “Welcome to Edo” website doesn’t load up either. Last URL that I have.