Black Kikoutei Armor Plus

Not Mashou related but I thought I’d share..

“FIGURE王 193
on this issue …….
the announcement of the black kikoutei
Armor Plus 黑輝煌帝 9,180Yen連稅”

Picture and information Source: From the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers – Armor Plus – (Bandai) Facebook page. (If you’re on Facebook I recommend following it.)

There are some comments there that this is basically a repaint of the white Kikoutei armor with minor changes. Some say Bandai may be testing the waters to see how popular characters outside the main five are.

And sadly this means that Black Kikoutei will come out before any thought for the Mashou.

.. Cause there aren’t really that many fans of them apparently.. >_< Note: Personally I feel like there’s a bias against the Mashou. I mean a Masho only drama was released on cassette, but then was never re-released on CD.

And to be honest if Bandai did make the Mashou I would be very surprised. Pleasantly mind you but still.

And good luck ever seeing characters like Kaos or Kayura, or even popular minor characters like Kenbukyou.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that Bandai is doing this. I’m just.. feeling a bit let down.

/rant off