Website Update 2/26/17

Last Sunday, the 19th, I added the first fanart post with artwork from DeviantArt. I also started working on the second post.

My Pinterest board “Mashou & Kayura Fandom” was updated over the weekend. (It’s the Pinterest board you see on the footer of the site.) I also added a Pinterest board for Cosplay for the Warlords/Mashou and Kayura. On my to-do for next month is to update the doujinshi board as well as continue to find fanart for the Fandom board.

I also did some work on my Tumblr. Other than the usual posts I put on there, I tweaked the back end and updated the overall look of it.

Finally I updated my Deviant ID on DeviantArt profile. I know I’m pretty much a lurker and collector there now, but I felt like sprucing up a bit.

DeviantArt Fanart #1

Fanart found on Please leave feedback and/or favorite the artist’s work if you can. I know artists really appreciate it.
Please don’t post these images elsewhere online without crediting the artist.
Click on each image to go to the artwork’s page.

Cale/Anubis looking over his shoulder - wearing a kimono.
Anubis by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

Pen sketch of Kayura in armor
KayuraBrbSXBYoJaXXHpBr by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

Blue pen sketch of Kayura in her kimono.
KayuraYZBJuniHitoeXX by PhobeBH on DeviantArt

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