Website Update 1/11/15

Hello Minna-san!

First off, happy new year to everyone! I hope you all have a great year!

Updates are as follows:

  1. More Links were added to the, well, links page. Some fansites have come back, and the message board Samurai Fanservice is back up!
  2. Added some Fanlistings to the main page.
  3. Added more images to Adopted Characters.
  4. More images added to the Doujinshi Pictures page. I also rearranged the titles on there a bit. So it got a bit of an overhaul.

Still no further word on the Ronin Warriors / Yoroiden Samurai Troopers DVD release. I just checked Discotek Media’s Facebook page and the last post there was on December 24th. As I stated before, whenever I find out any further news on the DVDs I will be making a blog post about it here. Hopefully we’ll find out more as February draws nearer.

One final note. Sorry if this update seemed delayed. The motherboard on my desktop PC died sometime overnight between December 14th and 15th. Everything had to be replaced except for the video card. (Yes even the PC case, and I got a new larger hard drive as well.) My husband was busy ordering parts, waiting for them, assembling the PC, and getting it up and running for a while. I didn’t get my PC back until Christmas Day. My time up until now has been going through files on the hard drive. (Though I’m still reorganizing things to an extent.) Hopefully that won’t happen again for some time since I practically have a new PC now.