Website Update 12/5/15

Late autumn forest

  • Changed up the navigation bar. There is now “Merchandise” as part of the main menu. The doujinshi have been moved under that menu as a sub-item.
  • Doujinshi page has been split into 2 pages. This is hopefully to help with loading time. I tried my best to split it as close to the middle as possible by first letter of title.
  • Added 4 more doujinshi titles. I also added a NEW button to the right of their title and info to make them easier to find.
  • Added a page with some images of the toys, model kits, and pencil boards. Hopefully there will be more to come. (Need to find images online to add to the page.)
  • Added more links to the links page. (Richard Newman is on twitter! 😀 )

Unfortunately I have found out the WordPress theme I use has last been updated on January 22, 2013. While the theme still works, this worries me. The theme may eventually break, or at minimum it won’t be updated to include new features that webpages use. So I need to go on a hunt to find a new theme. *sigh* This is never easy. I need to find one with the look I want, and able to customize the colors it uses. (Quite a few free themes limit you to use only certain predetermined colors.) So yes sadly the look of this page will change. Hopefully I can find another nice clean theme that I can use blue colors in. (At a brief glance, GeneratePress theme looks promising. I’m still looking though.)

On a personal level, my life lately has been a bit.. mixed. Since my father passed away earlier this year, this time of year is being difficult for me. First there was Thanksgiving (US). It’s a time for family gatherings, and another reminder my father is no longer here. Then there was my birthday on the second of this month. Finally there will be Christmas. It’s a fairly quick one-two-three punch for me emotionally. I’ve been breaking down crying again from time to time. So I need to find some time to take care of myself so I don’t get too depressed.

Also my Logitech trackball mouse has started to have issues lately. The left mouse button is malfunctioning. It doesn’t recognize when I click and hold, or click and drag. It thinks I’m double-clicking. Sometimes even single clicks get interpreted as a double-click. So it seems the mechanism for that button is failing. And of course this made things a royal pain in the ass when I needed to use my mouse to select things to scan images, or to edit them. Often it ended up de-selecting things I was trying to select. *Grumbles.*
I tried to contact Logitech Support via their online form just over a week ago with no response. Which of course is making me seriously doubt Logitech’s support for their products at all.
So I’m on the lookout for a new mouse. I would prefer a trackball since it’s easier on my wrist, but I may have no choice but to go back to a regular mouse. (And something not made by Logitech.) So if anyone has any recommendations on a reasonably priced mouse that works well, I’m open to suggestions.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the updates. As always, thank you for visiting.