What else would you like to see?

It seems the Mashou and Kayura doujinshi well has run a bit dry lately. Meaning I can’t find any new ones to add to this site. So I’m addressing this to you my dear visitors. What other content to you want to see posted or shared here?

Here’s some of my ideas that I’ve been thinking about.

  • Fanfiction blog posts:
    Since I switched to WordPress and have a blog, I can make blog posts advertising/linking to Dark Warlord/Mashou and Kayura fanfic. I can tag these with character names, genre (horror, sci-fi, romance, comedy, tragedy, adventure, next generation/future, etc), give the author, have a small summary (that author submits hopefully) and a link to the fanfiction. May make it easier for us to find fics dedicated to these characters. Of course I would allow stories that have the Warlords/Mashou and Kayura with the Ronins/Troopers too. Though the fanfic, like this site, must be Warlord/Mashou and/or Kayura centric or at least have them playing a very big part in the story.
    It’s been a long while since I’ve dipped into the fanfiction area so I would need to depend on submissions to do this.
  • Fanart blog posts:
    I can also use the blog to link to fanart I find online. Basically a copy of my Tumblr, but with the added advantage of using WordPress’ tags to make it easier (hopefully) for you to find a certain character or artist. Full credit will be given with the post.
  • More merchandise images:
    I do have some of the original Mashou toys, some model kits, etc. I can take pictures or scan some of those up. I have obvious gaps in my collection though and I’d need to find images online for whatever I’m missing.
    The advantage to this is hopefully people will submit images, or links to images, of merchandise they have. Like the trading cards I’ve seen and obviously don’t own. Or cell images. Basically sharing around all our wonderful finds for other fans to see and drool over. And again credit to the person/their website/etc will be listed. 🙂
  • Make Icons or Avatars:
    I’d have to do some research on what sizes people need and find images to scan up, but other than that it should work fine. And again if other people have made these on their own, I can link to them and give credit.

Like I said these are just some ideas of mine. I’m hoping some of these ideas will lead to other fans submitting links to their work so that they can be posted here. That way other fans can find their work easier. And as you’ve certainly noticed the trend, I will give credit in any form that person wants. (Email, website, artwork website, blog, etc.)

Feel free to suggest your own ideas in the comments.

Thank you in advance!

I’m Going to Anime Weekend Atlanta

It’s official. Today I bought tickets for Anime Weekend Atlanta. AWA takes place from September 24th until September 27th.

This is the first convention I’ve been to in years. Basically because this is the first time in years my husband and I have been able to afford to attend a convention again. And all those years of not being able to afford to go anywhere has made me a bit stir crazy. I need to get out and do things again.

This is also the first time we’ll be doing AWA for the full weekend. We went to Anime Weekend Atlanta once several years ago for a day, so we didn’t really get a feel for the con. We hope to change that this year.

My husband and I are still debating about MomoCon. (May 28-May 31st) Since we’re at the last cost tier before walk-in registration we have some time to see if we have the money and can take the time off.

Now some of you may be saying, what about DragonCon? Um. No. Just no. We went a couple of times (2 years in a row) several years ago. It was before they expanded DragonCon again. It’s become too big and too expensive for us. Too many different hotels that you’re constantly walking to and from to attend panels. Saturdays are just a massive amount of people, front to back and shoulder to shoulder. And then there’s the temptation in the dealer rooms to spend money we really shouldn’t be spending. So we’re going to try just anime conventions and see how it goes.
Also the Decatur Book Festival falls on the same weekend as DragonCon. Admission to that is free, so I just end up spending my money on lots and lots of new books. A much more enjoyable experience even though the book festival is held outdoors.

So long post to say, I’m finally attending a convention again, and with any luck maybe two this year!

Ronin Warriors Complete Collection box set rant

Note: Original rant about Complete Collection set (release date September 28, 2004) has been condensed down. (It was originally a 2 part rant on my old website.)

Ronin Warriors Complete Collection

First of all, it’s not really a box. It’s a slip cover with 4 sides. It goes over the DVD set. Second, they changed the DVDs to slim cases. Anyone who bought the DVD volumes separately have no hopes of purchasing a box to house their collection in now.

I was also surprised at what seemed like the lack of effort to put a quality box set together. Just to give you fans an idea, here are some pictures of the Japanese box sets.

TV Series Box Cover Art:
YST TV Series Box

OVA Series Box Cover Art:
YST OVA box cover art

Closer Looks:
YST DVD box covers
YST DVD box covers

Included with the set(s):
YST DVD Box set extra goodies.

Now those are quality box sets! Why couldn’t we have that?!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad a box set is finally out. I know a few people who have been waiting for it. It will probably create more fans of the series. I just wish it was done differently, more like the Japanese version.