More Pop-up Shop Merch Previews

Looks like there are some stickers:

And a hard-cover card case with prints:

And possibly a cellphone/wallet case, pins (including the Masho!), and something else Seiji’s pumpkin soup:

And a blanket!

So exciting!


Hopefully we’ll get a better (cough-any-cough) photo of the Mashou buttons/pins. I’m kind of amused the one we see the most of in these photos is Rajura, the illusionist. You can see a bit of Anubisu’s hair peek out on one photo, he’s under Seiji. I also can’t help but wonder if they included Kayura or not.

I guess this means the Doku armor symbol is officially supposed to face left. I’ve seen it face both left and right in other YST merchandise.

Man I wish I could get my hands on this Mashou merch. (Drools.)