New product previews!

We’ve got a new update from Animate, the store that will be hosting the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers-themed pop-up shops! Check out the preview pics of the 30th anniversary products:

Starting from the upper left: we’ve got previews of 5 of the 10 character pins. To the right of the pins: previews of the 12 clear files. To the right of the clear files: an image of the blanket, and last on the top row: a new product: “masking tape”, or what possibly Washi tape.

On the bottom row, from the left: the phone case. To the right of the phone case: the hard-cover business card case. In the middle of the bottom row: the nine armor insignias as decals. Right of the decals: a “mobile battery”, and lastly: Seiji’s pumpkin soup.

And just for fun, here’s a promo image of all 5 troopers looking very kawaii!

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